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This past year has seen a lot, from moving back and forth cross country, and a death in the family, and working like all the time because capitalism is the worst; I haven’t been feeling much studio time.

I have been trying to get involved with some more creative swaps still on swap-bot which mostly have entailed me making postcards or decorating envelopes and such. And I have thrown a few small things on my wheel, but not gotten them fired yet. My studio however, is still in disarray and not completely set back up as some of the tables are being used for other things. So my encaustics have not come out to play yet. I have been doing some light acrylic and watercolor painting in addition to working a lot with gel pens. I’m trying to trim my work hours just a bit so I have some more time to myself to create, but for the most part I am pretty unproductive 😦

I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of making this more of an art review blog. I have a whole stack of cards from art shows/fairs to talk about and link up and might do that in the near future.

I do have an instagram if people want to follow I sometimes post pictures of what I am working on and mail going in and out on there. Screen Name : Deidreart

Some recent creations:

Masterboard Pcs

collage/masterboard postcards

D atc

atc with letter D theme (pretty sure all the words came from an ikea catalog)

kawaii atcsKawaii Atc’s

12145374_501087296726019_108169971_n Glitterati (paint, gel pen, and tape) 11325488_889695367767386_971083212_na map of our travels

Currently listening to this a lot. which is weird because when it first came out I wasn’t that into it.


We’ve had some rather loud and windy storms the last two days here. Luckily I had today off and got to spend it indoors listening to the rain and thunder outside, with the occasional lightning crash changing the lighting conditions. I spent quite a bit of it in my studio mostly making postcards for some upcoming swaps. I have received some for these swaps already too. I got all mine done and ready to send off in the morning, hopefully it won’t be raining then too, but they are pretty well sealed. One is a Summer PC swap, and one is a Dr. Seuss themed swap. I had a friend who is an amazing pen and ink artist do the Seuss inspired drawings for me to use. To give them some color I mod podged some tissue paper over the top of them.

The pictures below show a scan of the original drawings, then with the tissue paper added. Also a picture of a summer finished pc, and Seuss finished pc, and on the left the Seuss pc someone sent to me.

seuss seuss (2) seuss (1)

Had a swap recently to make some paper crafts which I hadn’t done in quite some time. But it was inchies which are always fun, and it was something I could work on while waiting for my ceramic medals to dry between coats of underglaze. I made two images that were a bit larger like 5×7 and 4×4 and just doodled away with my gel pens on one and watercolors on the other. I also added some glue and glitter and cutouts covered in metallic nail polish on the watercolor one. Then I flipped them over to the blank side drew out a one inch grid and cut out little one inch squares. It was fun to see what mini images came out of the larger ones. As usual there are pictures below!


Doodle Inchies (2) Doodle Inchies (3) Doodle Inchies (4) Doodle Inchies (1) Doodle Inchies (5)

I am participating and hosting another swap on swap-bot for the New Year for commenting on blogs, so I have 10 more blogs to share!

hmm. – Great craft/art blog with some tutorials, reviews, and other ideas to keep you creative and crafty. Really enjoyed a lot of the posts on this one.

Sew Gorgeous – Another great craft/artblog. Mostly sewing and other fabric arts, as well as some other projects. In progress and finished photos.

My Scrappy Corner – Crafting site, with mostly paper crafts. Great sketching ideas and pictures of finished projects.

Mad About Pink – Love this blog, think I have included it before on one of these lists. Great tutorials of project I think I could accomplish. The most recent is for handmade candles.

The Aftercraft – Man another great crafting blog, so many craft ideas floating in my head now! Complete with tutorials and completed project pictures! As well as cute pup dog pictures.

Scrapcowando –  Craft and life blog. Post about life happenings and some craft projects, including paper and fabric craft.  Site is in Italian so you may need a translate tool.

Valasif – Crafty life blog with great ideas and great photos. Also includes some fun crafts for kids.

Aki Loves Kawaii Things – As do I! Craft site with many paper crafts, some of the content is in Japanese so you may need a translate tool.

Hanging Off the Wire – Lots of reviews and giveaways here to check out and maybe win! Mainly books, and some kids activity ideas as well.  

HavFaith – I am not much in to fairht, but this blog is not too heavy on it either, worth a look. Life blog with lots of photos and great links. 

I have a couple of other posts planned for the next few days while I have time, including more treasury posts and a work in progress post, so stay tuned. Have a great beginning to 2011!

On top of ceramics I do like to keep my hands busy with other things, crafts that I can do at home instead of in the studio. With my activity on swap-bot I have made some things to swap with other folks. I enjoy paper crafts but also fabric or embroidery things as well. I thought I would share some of the things I have made recently, including some postcards, bookmarks, John Waters themed ATCs, and a quilted Christmas stocking. The stocking in particular really makes me want to sew some more, and maybe over the holidays while I’m cuddled up in the cold I will make some more things that I have had ideas for a while. I think the pillow from an old hand bag will be next on the list. I also am going to try my first dotee doll soon for a swap, possibly with left over x-mas fabric.

Currently in another blog swap over on Swap-bot, which some of you looking at this may be from as well 🙂

Here is a list of my 20 partners blogs! Go check them out! (some of these may be repeats from the last blog post, but I won’t know until I post)

Keeping Up with the Jonses – Family blog about daily life.

Pretty Little Paper Love – Crafty blog mostly revolving around paper, some really great stuff!

Art=Love – Artsy blog fully of creations!

The Digital Scrapbooker – Layouts and tips for digital layout to quench your scrapbooking thirst!

Careless in the Care of God – Life blog about April’s journey through life and her dealing with Cancer

Mad About Pink – “Inspired Ideas with Love” well I love the photos and am definitly inspired by them!

Homekeeping – Life Blog about homekeeping and other home things. Complete with some tips and recipes.

Loles Handmade – Blog about craft and handmade items, great stuff full of recommendations, but in Spanish may need translation.

ElizabethMD Jewelry Designs – Like a blog full of little treasuries!

Adventures with Mrs. W – Life Blog with a great layout, and greater posts!

I Could Make That – Crafty Blogd fully of lots of tutorials for varying fun craft projects!

Watercolors by Mimi Torchia Boothby – Wonderful watercolour paintings and stories.

Thrifty Crafting – Great blog full of awesome finds and crafty ideas!

1websurfer’s Weblog – Full of great links, videos, and more

Hanging Off the Wire – Coupons, giveaways, and more! Oh My!

Stamp N’ Hug – Crafty ideas mostly involving paper and cards.

Samantha’s Scrapping Sanctuary – Scrapbooking ideas and updates.

tidbits & scraps – Family and crafting (is there anything more to life than that 🙂

Riechanster – Having some trouble loading this one, but they have a great Photography Friday regular post.

Tanja’s Cupcakes – BEWARE! A baking blog with lots of tasty tasty photos!

I belong to a site called Swap-Bot that a lot of other crafty people use. It is a great site to get creative and send and receive mail. Of course not all swaps are physical mail, some are electronic, and even revolve around Blogs or Twitter. I have signed up for a couple of Blog following ones recently and thought I would share the partners I had with my blog readers so they could have a chance to visit these blogs as well!

The Musings of a Manic – Full of great music!

True Stories, Honest Lies – Fiction and other writings.

Jennifer Said…  – Lots of different kinds of posts

Observations and Such – As the title says

Vintage and Handmade Finds – Great photos and ideas!

Chrissy’s Swap Blog – Awesome seeing what people swap

Psychic Mama – Lots of different posts

Run Away Maggie May – Really enjoy the imagery and laid back feel of this one

P.S. Kampiscines – Another great Swap blog

All to be Galore – Great images and how to guides

Okay that was the first one with 10 partners, the second swap has 20!!! Surprisingly only one over laps and that is the Psychic Mama Blog.

Unique Euphoria – Etsy Blog!

Sweet Daisy Dreams – Life blog

This and That – Stitchwork and great imagery

Roadside Wonders – Wonderful images of fun roadside sites!

Dirty Girl Art Studio – With a title like this what’s not to love?!

Crafty Carrie – Craft Blog with some very cute plushies

Careless in the Care of God – Life Blog

The Craft Pad – Crafty fun!

Always Ariel – Random blog

Uncurable Bookworm – Great for readers!

SimpleScrappy – Crafty Blog

In the Next Room – Book Reviews and Mail

Folie of Life – Great Life blog!

Kaliedoscope Eyes – Full of some great looking art work and photography

Expressive World – Great photos of beautiful things

I don’t care if Monday’s Blue – Life Blog

Our Simply Crazy Life – Life Blog

Ms Lovender – Life as a teacher in Japan!

Watercolors – Wonderful Watercolors

That is all for now until I sign up for another one!

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