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Again it is time for me to promote some other blogs from a swap I am doing on swap-bot! This time it is only 5 partners but please check them out!

Crafting with Blue –  Great blog from a general crafter. She does a lot of scrapbooking and has examples and pictures of finished product. Updated quite frequently! There are even holiday pages and crafts for you to try out. Linked in with other bloggers too if you want to see how others handle similar projects.

Viridian Muse – Her last few posts have been promoting other bloggers, including myself! However, there is also some great crafts in here as well. She has some great little illustrations and also makes faeries. The blog includes pictures of finished work and work in progress. I really like the design style or her illustrations and paintings and the faeries are just darling.

Bone-needle –  A blogger who definitely has a focus in medieval arts and crafts. She seems to do a lot of fun fabric art. From needle-point to larger projects like dresses it is all great. Lots of photos of finished crafts as well as descriptions of process and critique of materials. She is also very good at script or calligraphy writing and the scroll work she does is fascinating.

Create to Feel Great – A blog all about the quest to creat at least one craft project a week! It seems to be in year three so it must be working. There are weekly posts about the project and other life musings as well as photos of the projects. There is a little bit of everything, paper projects, sewing projects, and painting. I like the sewing projects the best and might try some of my own.

B Positive B Free – In general a life blog. There are lots of positive inspiring words and stories to read about her own life. She is also a knitter who does some fabric arts and crafts with photos to show for it. Even the knitted messages are all about being positive which is a great view to have in this day and age. Well worth the read when you need to take a break for a while.


That is all for now! I recently went to a Pinterest party though and have some pictures of crafts that I made with some other friends. Coming soon!


Currently in another blog swap over on Swap-bot, which some of you looking at this may be from as well 🙂

Here is a list of my 20 partners blogs! Go check them out! (some of these may be repeats from the last blog post, but I won’t know until I post)

Keeping Up with the Jonses – Family blog about daily life.

Pretty Little Paper Love – Crafty blog mostly revolving around paper, some really great stuff!

Art=Love – Artsy blog fully of creations!

The Digital Scrapbooker – Layouts and tips for digital layout to quench your scrapbooking thirst!

Careless in the Care of God – Life blog about April’s journey through life and her dealing with Cancer

Mad About Pink – “Inspired Ideas with Love” well I love the photos and am definitly inspired by them!

Homekeeping – Life Blog about homekeeping and other home things. Complete with some tips and recipes.

Loles Handmade – Blog about craft and handmade items, great stuff full of recommendations, but in Spanish may need translation.

ElizabethMD Jewelry Designs – Like a blog full of little treasuries!

Adventures with Mrs. W – Life Blog with a great layout, and greater posts!

I Could Make That – Crafty Blogd fully of lots of tutorials for varying fun craft projects!

Watercolors by Mimi Torchia Boothby – Wonderful watercolour paintings and stories.

Thrifty Crafting – Great blog full of awesome finds and crafty ideas!

1websurfer’s Weblog – Full of great links, videos, and more

Hanging Off the Wire – Coupons, giveaways, and more! Oh My!

Stamp N’ Hug – Crafty ideas mostly involving paper and cards.

Samantha’s Scrapping Sanctuary – Scrapbooking ideas and updates.

tidbits & scraps – Family and crafting (is there anything more to life than that 🙂

Riechanster – Having some trouble loading this one, but they have a great Photography Friday regular post.

Tanja’s Cupcakes – BEWARE! A baking blog with lots of tasty tasty photos!

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