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This past year has seen a lot, from moving back and forth cross country, and a death in the family, and working like all the time because capitalism is the worst; I haven’t been feeling much studio time.

I have been trying to get involved with some more creative swaps still on swap-bot which mostly have entailed me making postcards or decorating envelopes and such. And I have thrown a few small things on my wheel, but not gotten them fired yet. My studio however, is still in disarray and not completely set back up as some of the tables are being used for other things. So my encaustics have not come out to play yet. I have been doing some light acrylic and watercolor painting in addition to working a lot with gel pens. I’m trying to trim my work hours just a bit so I have some more time to myself to create, but for the most part I am pretty unproductive ūüė¶

I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of making this more of an art review blog. I have a whole stack of cards from art shows/fairs to talk about and link up and might do that in the near future.

I do have an instagram if people want to follow I sometimes post pictures of what I am working on and mail going in and out on there. Screen Name : Deidreart

Some recent creations:

Masterboard Pcs

collage/masterboard postcards

D atc

atc with letter D theme (pretty sure all the words came from an ikea catalog)

kawaii atcsKawaii Atc’s

12145374_501087296726019_108169971_n Glitterati (paint, gel pen, and tape) 11325488_889695367767386_971083212_na map of our travels

Currently listening to this a lot.¬†which is weird because when it first came out I wasn’t that into it.


Been a while since my last post as ¬†looking for a new job has my primary focus. Which means not a whole lot going on artistically unfortunately. Even though I am still looking I decided to make some time to update some stuff too ūüôā I have been doing some crafty things like knitting, currently on my 3rd scarf which is the best to date. I taught myself thru youtube videos and initially hated it but now it is something calming to do after a long day when trying to rest, and not wanting to make a big mess. My hands don’t like being idle. I also have done some little pinterest crafts for the holidays and one kawaii collage for a postcard. Just little things while muddling thru the holidays. And there has been lots and lots of baking!

One craft for Christmas presents was actually one I saw in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens. But I found an equivalent guide on pinterest too here. There are little fortune cookies made from fabric, inside I wrote a fortune of “You will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” And included some little candies too.

The second one was a video I had been holding onto for a while that showed how to make your own lipstick, using three ingredients, castor oil, shea butter, and crayons. I followed the video exactly and it worked like a charm the colours are great and I’d love to try more, maybe even smaller batches for weird colors to use with costumes. I got the containers at the container store as the video shows, they have a multitude of colors. The castor oil and shea butter are a little pricey though and I’ll have enough to last for a long time but it was a fun thing to do.

Below are photos of the postcard and the christmas crafts.

131_2185 131_2187 Kawaii X-mas (2)

We’ve had some rather loud and windy storms the last two days here. Luckily I had today off and got to spend it indoors listening to the rain and thunder outside, with the occasional lightning crash changing the lighting conditions. I spent quite a bit of it in my studio mostly making postcards for some upcoming swaps. I have received some for these swaps already too. I got all mine done and ready to send off in the morning, hopefully it won’t be raining then too, but they are pretty well sealed. One is a Summer PC swap, and one is a Dr. Seuss themed swap. I had a friend who is an amazing pen and ink artist do the Seuss inspired drawings for me to use. To give them some color I mod podged some tissue paper over the top of them.

The pictures below show a scan of the original drawings, then with the tissue paper added. Also a picture of a summer finished pc, and Seuss finished pc, and on the left the Seuss pc someone sent to me.

seuss seuss (2) seuss (1)

I made some more postcards. This time based on television shows. I used Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job for one and Parks and Recreation for the other. They are okay but I wish I had some better paper to collage with I need to get some more magazines to cut from. The T&E one kind of blends together, but came out better than I expected going in. I really like the background on the Parks and Recreation one. I used packing tape to seal them which also helped flatten them out.

Now I have a couple of days off so I am going to go down into my dungeon and work on some more swap crafts and of course working on some ceramic stuff. We brought some larger sculptures that myself and my friend had still been working on in the school studio over to my dungeon so we can work on them here. It is becoming a regular studio! Updates coming soon.

On top of ceramics I do like to keep my hands busy with other things, crafts that I can do at home instead of in the studio. With my activity on swap-bot I have made some things to swap with other folks. I enjoy paper crafts but also fabric or embroidery things as well. I thought I would share some of the things I have made recently, including some postcards, bookmarks, John Waters themed ATCs, and a quilted Christmas stocking. The stocking in particular really makes me want to sew some more, and maybe over the holidays while I’m cuddled up in the cold I will make some more things that I have had ideas for a while. I think the pillow from an old hand bag will be next on the list. I also am going to try my first dotee doll soon for a swap, possibly with left over x-mas fabric.

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