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It has been 6 months since my last post! Way tooooooo long. Living arrangements have changed somewhat and I have limited access to the big computer which is easier to post from, it’s been a little easier to post on smaller blogs like Tumblr in the mean time.

I have been focusing a little more on 2-d work lately. It’s a little more feasible financially to do and it is a little quicker to do so i can fit it in better when I can. In addition i have been playing around with some line work and patterns done with some pens. I have been using a type of pen called a Hybrid Technica made by Pentel that I really enjoy for fine lines. It gives the look of a technical pen without the price of buying a technical pen. The painting has been consisting of some watercolor but lately a lot more acrylic, i can get such brighter bolder colors with acrylic. Most importantly is that there is NEON acrylic paint. Frankly Neon needs to exists more, I wish my whole wardrobe was neon. But I digress. I have included some pictures of some of the stuff i have been playing with. Included are some pictures of some stuff from a series i have been dabbling with I am calling 90’s wisdom, which features quotes from 90’s songs against a bright patterned background.





I have still been throwing on the wheel every so often and in fact threw a couple of bowls to donate to an Empty Bowls event held at my Alma Matter of SLU this year. Here is a photo of how those looked.



If you haven’t noticed, I have a fascination with bright neon colors, and it shows up in my work. Recently I bought some neon acrylic colors from work to play around with. I had some sample acrylic mediums I have been playing with lately and wanted more acrylic colors to test out with them. I made 4 small (approx 4×6) text pieces with my new neon colors and some older colors I had. i used tape and cut up sticker sheets to lay down some shapes and strips to mark off certain area. I had a glazing medium that I mixed in the paint to thin it down a bit and also get some smoother, thinner layers. I really like the way they turned out however the color does look much better in person, my scanner doesn’t seem to pick up on the neon as much. Will definitely be doing more tests in the future but am currently in a getting messy with clay mood.

So the group show I will be a part of with some friends & coworkers is fast approaching. Here is a copy of the show card announcing details of the show. I am pretty sure I will be the only one with pedestals, but there will be lots of amazing work, drawings, paintings, prints, etc.

I have my ceramic pieces squared away and am just waiting on a few firings. However, I am trying to get a few more of my small encaustic paintings done as part of a series. I got some more panels and supplies to do so too! I added some texture and depth to these recent ones by using an air dry clay and affixing it to the panels. I have a few more to get done but here are some photos of the ones I worked on today.

More Neon (1)

More Neon (2)

More Neon (3)

I did another small encaustic painting to match the one I did a few weeks ago. It has the same bright neon colors but with some more build up and different texture. I also put a finishing coat on both of them so they are a bit glossy but also protected from the world! I finished up some texture on a white thrown piece that is pretty much ready to be fired now. I also went back in to an older piece and carving a pattern into it. I have kind of lost interest in this particular piece but would like to finally finish it. I keep taking a little bit out of it at a time, eventually it will be done. Pictures of all of it below.

1-13 (5)

1-13 (6)

1-13 (7)

1-13 (2)

1-13 (3)

1-13 (4)

It’s very strange the way inspiration can come from seemingly anywhere. At work the other day I found a little piece of trash that looks like a torn piece of cardboard. Instead of throwing it away I was immediately taken by it and said YES I will use you in a project soon! And I did today. It made for an interesting landscape for a new encaustic piece, a super bright neon encaustic piece (pictures below). Clearly I am going through a Lynda Benglis phase here with my pouring of the paint, but instead of a floor it is just on a small panel. I really enjoy the grooves and lines popping up from the piles of bright wax. I cut into it as well to give it some more texture and grooves. I am thinking of pairing some of these smaller encaustic works with some ceramic pieces that have similar textures and patterns for display. We will see how they work out together soon. I have a few pictures of what I was working on today in different stages.

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