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I’ve been on quite the hiatus lately. But there is good cause, I moved! And then moved again. Back in August myself and my best buddy Paul (see side links to his artist profile) packed up my car with as much as it could carry and set off across country to Portland Oregon. Over 2,000 miles separated us from our current location and the future. We didn’t have jobs lined up, or even a place to stay, but we were determined. I was the sole driver on this journey which meant every once in a while I needed to rest my eyes. We spent 2 nights at rest stops and 2 nights at hotels but eventually arrived at our destination.

It was awesome arriving in Portland and seeing the city we had been talking about and accomplishing that part of the journey but it soon became ultra overwhelming! We had to make this work and find a source of income and a place to stay. After another night in the car and some more in hotels we did eventually find some more permanent lodgings as well as some semi-permanent jobs and we made it work. I’m pretty sure it still would be working but we had some family business to attend to at home and decided to once again pack everything we could into my little hatchback and once again drive the over 2,000 miles back to Saint Louis. It was even longer this time because I decided I wanted to explore the west coast some more before returning to the midwest.

But now we’re back! And while it has its ups and downs, one definite good thing is access to my studio and being able to start working on some new work. I also plan on writing a bit about our experience and will go into more detail on some of our adventures on this blog so stay tuned. In the mean time here is some of the play list of some of the road music we listened to on both trips.

The Muffs – Oh Nina and Lucky Guy

The Thermals – Here’s Your Future and Returning to the Fold

The Who – Tommy Soundtrack from Movie just the album, but seriously who doesn’t love Anne Margaret’s voice

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, for late night driving trying to stay awake this does the trick, because you can’t help but sing along.

NOFX – Bob and Nubs

Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack, Musicals are pretty popular in the car 

A small sampling of what we listened to, in addition to the hours of satellite radio!


It has been 6 months since my last post! Way tooooooo long. Living arrangements have changed somewhat and I have limited access to the big computer which is easier to post from, it’s been a little easier to post on smaller blogs like Tumblr in the mean time.

I have been focusing a little more on 2-d work lately. It’s a little more feasible financially to do and it is a little quicker to do so i can fit it in better when I can. In addition i have been playing around with some line work and patterns done with some pens. I have been using a type of pen called a Hybrid Technica made by Pentel that I really enjoy for fine lines. It gives the look of a technical pen without the price of buying a technical pen. The painting has been consisting of some watercolor but lately a lot more acrylic, i can get such brighter bolder colors with acrylic. Most importantly is that there is NEON acrylic paint. Frankly Neon needs to exists more, I wish my whole wardrobe was neon. But I digress. I have included some pictures of some of the stuff i have been playing with. Included are some pictures of some stuff from a series i have been dabbling with I am calling 90’s wisdom, which features quotes from 90’s songs against a bright patterned background.





I have still been throwing on the wheel every so often and in fact threw a couple of bowls to donate to an Empty Bowls event held at my Alma Matter of SLU this year. Here is a photo of how those looked.



Posted on: July 22, 2013

Tumblr time

Quick link for you guys, I have started a joint Tumblr with my best friend. We are both artists and will be posting some of our own stuff, but also collaborations and possibly music and comedy stuff in the future. Check it out, and follow us if you are inclined. 

As I have stated before I still use the studio at the college I attended even though I have graduated. I can run my own firings in the off seasons like winter break or summer vacation. However this week marks the end of this school semester so I am trying to get as much in those firings as possible and ready to go before Christmas. A lot of the work I had to do recently was glazing stuff that I have been making over the last couple months and just not glazing. I also have been making quite a few more teabowls. Most of the work is low fire which allows me to get a lot of colour in. I have been mixing colours and trying out some new patterns. I’d love to hear any thoughts on them. I have more glazing I have been getting done that does not have photos. Everything should be finished in this batch by the end of the weekend so be prepared for those photos and new listings on etsy. (Speaking of which there are new listings on etsy right now!

Here are some in progress photos

And here is some of the recent tunes playing as I have been in studio.

Impacilla Carpisung – The Ting Tings
Push [live] – Matchbox Twenty
Online Songs – Blink 182
Are You Ready? – Creed
Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cold Light – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Razor [live] – Foo Fighters
Neighbors – The Academy Is
Wish That I was There – Hanson
Shiver – Motion City Soundtrack
Mellow Fellow – B.O.B.
Hard to Live in the City – Albert Hammond, Jr.
You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi
Kick, Push – Lupe Fiasco
Joy Ride – The Killers
Abracadabra – Sugar Ray
Thru the Rhythm – 13th Floor Elevators
The Burn – Matchbox Twenty
Loose Lips – Kimya Dawson
Do The Panic – Phantom Planet
Walk Thru Hell- Say Anything
New Again – Taking Back Sunday
Cookie Jar – Gym Class Heroes
Brand New Love – Serena Ryder
Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show – Neil Diamond
Must be the Moon – !!!
Dizzy – Tabitha’s Secret
Lost in Stereo – All Time Low
My Moves are White – Cobra Starship
Angie – Cobra Starship
A Lifeless Ordinary – Motion City Soundtrack
Waiting – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Leave a Message – A Day Away
Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi

On a side note I got another message about being in another treasury hosted by whataboutphotos which can be seen here. This one is filled with red and green items and includes my Wrap Around vessel.

After a bit of a break from being able to get into the studio when I wanted to, I have been heading back more regularly.

I have thrown another round of teabowls, these ones to looks more like a certain one that I swapped with someone who would like another. I think a couple of them just might work. It is hard for me to force the clay into something as I am usually more natural with it, but I think based on the pictures I have of the other one, and how I remember it that a couple of the ones I have recently thrown and trimmed will work out well.  I have included pictures of the last batch of teabowls below.

I have also been sketching out some shapes for a new large slab/coil sculpture. I want to play with some ideas of openess, in the form of some open and closed off holes in the piece, a larger opening encircling a smaller one, etc. This will be a good project in the coming months when the studio is more empty and I can have the whole place to myself 🙂 I am selfish a bit when it comes to the studio 😉

There is also another carving project I have been working on that is turning out nicely, but I would like to get more carved away before photographing it. A few finished projects should be on etsy soon so keep checking!

Here is one of the playlists I listened to the other day in the studio

Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls go Everywhere) – Meatloaf
Dig – Incubus
Hate (I Really Don’t Like You) – Plain White T’s
Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic) – Motion City Soundtrack
Simple Kind of Life – No Doubt
Halloween Americana- Everclear
L.G. Fuad – Motion City Soundtrack
The Modern Age – The Strokes
In Da Club – 50 Cent
Black and White People – Matchbox Twenty
I’m So Crazy – Adam Richman
These Streets – Paolo Nutini
The Click – Good Charlotte
Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You – Cute is What weAim For
Stand Too Close – Motion City Soundtrack
Vultures – John Mayer
Capital H – Motion City Soundtrack
In the End – Linkin Park
(apparently it was a Motion City kind of day)

and the pictures of the teabowls.

Ran a small glaze firing on my own and it was quite successful. Everything came out really vibrant and nice. A lot of it was future magnets which worked out really well as texture and glaze tests. I will definitely keep making magnets for that and for free gifts or samples and such. The only possible problem with the firing was some crazing on a couple of tea bowls. I had some high fire tea bowls and put the low fire glaze on them and fired them at the low temperature. I had done some research on this and knew that crazing was a more than likely outcome, but that they may have also come out just fine. Well I was hearing plenty of tings and pings coming from those 2 bowls. I left them in the studio instead of bringing them home with everything else, maybe they ahve calmed down by now. There are a few cracks and pinholes on them too. But it was a test and that is what tests are for!

On the music front, I still do not have a functioning player, and haven’t been lugging my computer. But my phone has 2 gigs on it which has been keeping the studio loud, but is quite repetitive. I may just start bringing a boombox or something in there, but all the studio radios in the past have gone to hell in a matter of weeks!

Here are some photos of the stuff that came out of the firing, including the CRAZED tea bowls!!

Things have been busy busy lately. I started working at a new place in January. I still make it to the studio once a week though and have been making new items and waiting for full firings too.  I kind of can’t believe it has been a month since I put glaze on those pieces, but the blog doesn’t lie. I really need to start saving the dough to get my own kiln so the long waits can come to an end.

Anywho unfortunately I have no photo updates There have been a few pieces here and there but no mass amount at one time and there have been a few times when I haven’t had a camera. I can say what I’ve been working on. I’ve thrown quite a bit and am almost done with another whole bag of clay, which has included some more bowls and cups and some floral like sculptures/vases. I also have been working a bit on handbuilding and making some small like fist sized and smaller flowers with holes to be put on stakes for potted plants and things like that.  I am hoping soon I can go maybe buy more clay and glazes, I have been staring at my Amaco e-newsletter way too much lately and keep thinking about all the pretty colours.

I will post pictures when more stuff gets done. In the mean time here are some screen caps of the music I’ve been listening to in studio.

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