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Been a while since my last post as  looking for a new job has my primary focus. Which means not a whole lot going on artistically unfortunately. Even though I am still looking I decided to make some time to update some stuff too 🙂 I have been doing some crafty things like knitting, currently on my 3rd scarf which is the best to date. I taught myself thru youtube videos and initially hated it but now it is something calming to do after a long day when trying to rest, and not wanting to make a big mess. My hands don’t like being idle. I also have done some little pinterest crafts for the holidays and one kawaii collage for a postcard. Just little things while muddling thru the holidays. And there has been lots and lots of baking!

One craft for Christmas presents was actually one I saw in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens. But I found an equivalent guide on pinterest too here. There are little fortune cookies made from fabric, inside I wrote a fortune of “You will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” And included some little candies too.

The second one was a video I had been holding onto for a while that showed how to make your own lipstick, using three ingredients, castor oil, shea butter, and crayons. I followed the video exactly and it worked like a charm the colours are great and I’d love to try more, maybe even smaller batches for weird colors to use with costumes. I got the containers at the container store as the video shows, they have a multitude of colors. The castor oil and shea butter are a little pricey though and I’ll have enough to last for a long time but it was a fun thing to do.

Below are photos of the postcard and the christmas crafts.

131_2185 131_2187 Kawaii X-mas (2)


The flowers blooming in our garden lately have me thinking about making more flowery sculptures. I need some clay though I am fresh out of fresh clay and only have the gunk to reconstitute at this point. Still have not got a firing in but will need to soon before back to school madness starts at work. I got in a few swaps before all that craziness starts including some ATC swaps. The one I have finished already is a Kawaii food with faces one, pictured below. One I still need to do is a pig one, which should be fun because I LOVE Pigs.  Check out the huge flower growing in our garden too. I swear they’ve grown an extra 6 inches since this photo was taken.

131_1603 131_1605 ILK food faces

I am participating and hosting another swap on swap-bot for the New Year for commenting on blogs, so I have 10 more blogs to share!

hmm. – Great craft/art blog with some tutorials, reviews, and other ideas to keep you creative and crafty. Really enjoyed a lot of the posts on this one.

Sew Gorgeous – Another great craft/artblog. Mostly sewing and other fabric arts, as well as some other projects. In progress and finished photos.

My Scrappy Corner – Crafting site, with mostly paper crafts. Great sketching ideas and pictures of finished projects.

Mad About Pink – Love this blog, think I have included it before on one of these lists. Great tutorials of project I think I could accomplish. The most recent is for handmade candles.

The Aftercraft – Man another great crafting blog, so many craft ideas floating in my head now! Complete with tutorials and completed project pictures! As well as cute pup dog pictures.

Scrapcowando –  Craft and life blog. Post about life happenings and some craft projects, including paper and fabric craft.  Site is in Italian so you may need a translate tool.

Valasif – Crafty life blog with great ideas and great photos. Also includes some fun crafts for kids.

Aki Loves Kawaii Things – As do I! Craft site with many paper crafts, some of the content is in Japanese so you may need a translate tool.

Hanging Off the Wire – Lots of reviews and giveaways here to check out and maybe win! Mainly books, and some kids activity ideas as well.  

HavFaith – I am not much in to fairht, but this blog is not too heavy on it either, worth a look. Life blog with lots of photos and great links. 

I have a couple of other posts planned for the next few days while I have time, including more treasury posts and a work in progress post, so stay tuned. Have a great beginning to 2011!

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