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Been a while since my last post as  looking for a new job has my primary focus. Which means not a whole lot going on artistically unfortunately. Even though I am still looking I decided to make some time to update some stuff too 🙂 I have been doing some crafty things like knitting, currently on my 3rd scarf which is the best to date. I taught myself thru youtube videos and initially hated it but now it is something calming to do after a long day when trying to rest, and not wanting to make a big mess. My hands don’t like being idle. I also have done some little pinterest crafts for the holidays and one kawaii collage for a postcard. Just little things while muddling thru the holidays. And there has been lots and lots of baking!

One craft for Christmas presents was actually one I saw in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens. But I found an equivalent guide on pinterest too here. There are little fortune cookies made from fabric, inside I wrote a fortune of “You will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” And included some little candies too.

The second one was a video I had been holding onto for a while that showed how to make your own lipstick, using three ingredients, castor oil, shea butter, and crayons. I followed the video exactly and it worked like a charm the colours are great and I’d love to try more, maybe even smaller batches for weird colors to use with costumes. I got the containers at the container store as the video shows, they have a multitude of colors. The castor oil and shea butter are a little pricey though and I’ll have enough to last for a long time but it was a fun thing to do.

Below are photos of the postcard and the christmas crafts.

131_2185 131_2187 Kawaii X-mas (2)


Woke up to a headache caused by my little barking heathens/dogs. However, I decided to spend some time wrapping up some crafts in the basement before starting the rest of my day. To start off with I put some finishing touches on an ATC for a swap with a pig theme. I had a lot of stuff to choose from to add pig elements. I like the way it turned out in the end. Initially I had started using some plates to add some paint texture elements to an atc which I liked but I think it stands well on its own and I didn’t want to add pigs to it. I will save that one for another opportunity, or maybe as a test for something larger. Pictures of both are below.

I also finished the fabric bowl I started a week or so ago. I added the trim around the top. It was regular fabric binding in white and I had painted it a few days ago to blend a little bit better with the fabric choices. Again the bowl is a little shallow and a little wobbly given the nature of how it was made, but a good little bowl for knick knacks, whatever happens to be lying around.

I also am including a picture of a swap I recently received. It was to fill a pencil bag and I got a few great little goodies, there was more than what is pictured including some notebooks but the little piggies are great and I love Little Miss and Mr Men stuff. I also love my fellow swappers 🙂

08-16-13 (4) 08-16-13 (2) 08-16-13 (3) 08-16-13 (6) 08-16-13 (5) 08-16-13 (8) 08-16-13 (1)

Yesterday I took to the late afternoon to craft away and looked to my Pinterest Crafticles Board for inspirations. After deciding that I didn’t want to get out a sewing machine or hand sew for that matter and eliminating like 1/2 the board I found 3 projects to play around with.

Project one: This pin showing you how to cut glass bottles. I’ve had this one for a while but never tried it, heard from people at work that it works. My dad had some glass tubes from work he wanted to cut into little bud vases so we tried it. Complete Bust for us! All we managed to do was light some cool fires. Not even a dent or scratch in the glass. Maybe they are too thick, or maybe my string wasn’t thick enough. Even tried with a rolled up tissue which made the best fire, but still got nothing.

Project two: This pin showing really cute fabric bowls made from fabric scraps. I did two, bowls one out of fabric scraps and one out of paper. The hardest part is making sure the right sides are facing out or in depending on which layer you are on. Once you soak the strips in the mixture it is hard to tell sometimes as a result some of mine is facing the wrong way. I started putting them all in face down in the mixture to try and keep it straight. My fabric one is taking longer to dry than over night, I had to add a little extra mod podge mixture this morning to stick down some loose spots. But it looks okay. I wish I had a deeper form to work with, I was using some paper bowls. I do have pictures of the paper one, finished with washi tap along the edge. Again its not a perfect bowl but a good little dish for whatever you have lying around.

Project three: This pin showing you how to melt plastic beads to make a cake stand. So I didn’t need a cake stand and I wanted to try this on a small scale before I wasted a ton of beads and possibly ruin a pan. I used a foil cupcake pan I still had lying around, and a plastic beading kit that has literally been in my possession for years, now being put to actual use! They melted just fine but I wish they were a bit flatter, and they look stellar, I used some of the clear beads too so they would have more transparent properties. Then I used scissors to trim some rogue edges, sandpaper to smooth it down, and a power drill to make some hole. So far I have a pair of earrings and a hanger for our fabulous dead tree in the back yard. Will probably use the rest for more hangers. I used stretchy cord wrapped in washi tape for the hanger.


I have been cleaning out my studio space lately which is good because I can actually find everything now and be more productive in it! Which will include making some more paper crafts for other swaps in the future, including a handmade postcard one I am hosting. I also am putting several things that have been just taking up space that I will never end up using in a donation box to take to a local place called Upcycle Exchange so others can use the supplies instead of them collecting dust. I will post pictures of my studio once I get everything organized and sorted out.

But now for the main part of this post. I am participating in a blog swap right now on Swap-bot, this one had 5 partners but I am posting more blogs than that because it was a little bit confusing when partners were assigned the way it was worded and I want to make sure everyone is getting shared 🙂 Also a few people I was assigned I could not find the link to their blog so sorry if I am missing people I will update or do a follow-up post if I get those links to share 🙂

FabricFriend– An avid crafter and swapper, fabric friend shares photos of her elegant crafts as well as some tutorials to follow along to.

VintageLoveandPhotographs– a more daily blog with lots of pictures, including adorable pug pups. Also crafts and thrift store finds.

The Inane and Insane Ramblings of Rose– There are a lot of series posts on this one as she takes part in multi-day or month projects. Lots of original art and pictures of swapped items.

BooksBowtiesandBallsofYarn– Straight from the author ” It’s kind of crazy–a mixture of crafting, reading, my life, fashion, and geeky stuff like Doctor Who”

Breaking the Eggs– A blog with a special interest in storytelling and performance art. Really enjoy seeing some different take on stuff here.

Thimble– Really great blog with some new craft ideas for me. And also pictures of mail that she is sending out which looks awesome!

Growing to Four – One word: Recipes! and some pretty delicious looking ones at that 🙂

New Wave Domesticity– Featuring more recipes and also some craft inspiration from a citizen of Portlandia!

That is all for now 🙂

Again it is time for me to promote some other blogs from a swap I am doing on swap-bot! This time it is only 5 partners but please check them out!

Crafting with Blue –  Great blog from a general crafter. She does a lot of scrapbooking and has examples and pictures of finished product. Updated quite frequently! There are even holiday pages and crafts for you to try out. Linked in with other bloggers too if you want to see how others handle similar projects.

Viridian Muse – Her last few posts have been promoting other bloggers, including myself! However, there is also some great crafts in here as well. She has some great little illustrations and also makes faeries. The blog includes pictures of finished work and work in progress. I really like the design style or her illustrations and paintings and the faeries are just darling.

Bone-needle –  A blogger who definitely has a focus in medieval arts and crafts. She seems to do a lot of fun fabric art. From needle-point to larger projects like dresses it is all great. Lots of photos of finished crafts as well as descriptions of process and critique of materials. She is also very good at script or calligraphy writing and the scroll work she does is fascinating.

Create to Feel Great – A blog all about the quest to creat at least one craft project a week! It seems to be in year three so it must be working. There are weekly posts about the project and other life musings as well as photos of the projects. There is a little bit of everything, paper projects, sewing projects, and painting. I like the sewing projects the best and might try some of my own.

B Positive B Free – In general a life blog. There are lots of positive inspiring words and stories to read about her own life. She is also a knitter who does some fabric arts and crafts with photos to show for it. Even the knitted messages are all about being positive which is a great view to have in this day and age. Well worth the read when you need to take a break for a while.


That is all for now! I recently went to a Pinterest party though and have some pictures of crafts that I made with some other friends. Coming soon!

I made some more postcards. This time based on television shows. I used Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job for one and Parks and Recreation for the other. They are okay but I wish I had some better paper to collage with I need to get some more magazines to cut from. The T&E one kind of blends together, but came out better than I expected going in. I really like the background on the Parks and Recreation one. I used packing tape to seal them which also helped flatten them out.

Now I have a couple of days off so I am going to go down into my dungeon and work on some more swap crafts and of course working on some ceramic stuff. We brought some larger sculptures that myself and my friend had still been working on in the school studio over to my dungeon so we can work on them here. It is becoming a regular studio! Updates coming soon.

 DeidreArt from Swap-bot (Gain Readers and Comments Swap)

Have another blog swap over at swap-bot this time with 12 partners. In no particular order, here are the blog partners I was assigned along with links to their blogs for everyone to enjoy!

Crafting with Blue – definitely a crafters blog! Lots of great images of crafts with detail on how it was done and different ideas. Also participates in a blog hop, which I do not know much about but am intrigued!

Sanity’s Overrated / Views from the Readers Side – This blogger has 2 blogs! I couldn’t resist taking a peek at them both. Sanity’s Overrated is an everyday life blog full of fun little anecdotes and reviews. Views from the Readers Side is a reading blog and has many reviews of different books. Great if you are looking for something to read.

maggiemark – a relatively newer blog with a few posts with some different crafts included.

miseducated – For sure a girly girl blog, just the way I like it! Lots of pink and cuteness and fun. Crafts and other stuff with a kitschy girly flair. Definitely got a few ideas to try myself, this blog makes me smile a lot,

smilernbp – Life blog from a mom of three. Fun little anecdotes and great kid stories.

Glory’s Mischief – Life and craft blog. Lots and lots of craft ideas complete with some instruction, pictures, and links. Also life stories, check out the elf sightings!   

Buddhatropolis – Blog mainly focusing on yoga and the buddhist lifestyle. Has inspirational images and messages.

Patricia’s Fabric Art – Craft blog with pictures of her craft. A lot of little art dolls and other creations for your viewing pleasure.

Where’s the Mommy – Cute little blog written from the point of view of a cat, I am not a cat person but the blog was still cute. Imagine though if it was written from a dogs point of view!

Hot Pink Gesso and Signo = Creative Flow – Creative blog with some mail art postings as well as other swap crafts and much more 🙂

52 Weeks of Mail – Posts featuring different mailart for each week! All from the hands of one very crafty person.

KNClodge – Craft blog full of lots of paper crafting, ATCs, mailart, and much  more. Very beautiful work and some great ideas for yu as well.

Hope you enjoy looking at these blogs! I’m sure I will have more swaps in the future. I should post tomorrow if I have time about the recent sale I was a part of and also some new pictures.

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