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This past weekend was Mother’s Day which means it was also the annual Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Fair. Paul and I volunteered this year and got to see the fair for free. However, the weather was not in our favor. When we arrived for our volunteer shift it was pouring down rain, we got soaked on the short walk from our car to volunteer check-in. The whole fair is outside and in a field so you can imagine that the ground was pretty soggy. Once we checked in we got to be under a tent for a few hours and the rain let up a bit but did continue to drizzle throughout the day. Attendance was low because of the weather so when we did get to walk around there wasn’t much crowding in the booths. There was a ton of great art there from artists I did not remember from years past (although it has been a while since I went to this fair). One thing I noticed is a lo of people did not have cards, which is what i use a lot to remember the booths and write posts like these. This post would have been twice as long for sure. I even bought myself a little something this year. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.


Frederick Prescott – These sculptures were so large they would have fit right in with the rest of the sculpture park. They took up residence in a little corner booth spot but could not be contained by a booth! And the brightly colored paint jobs drew you in from many booths away. The piggy was my favorite, but the cacti ones on his website look awesome too.

Joel Pinkerton – Not very much on his website or facebook page, but there is a large picture of his whimsical robotic sculptures. Made of upcycled materials each little guy or gal has it’s own personality, no two are a like! When you are surrounded by them it’s like you are in a foreign land straight out of a children’s book.

Richard Kolb – This was the booth I bought a little piece from, my piece was a little yard stake with a flying pig on top. Again made from upcycled materials mostly car parts and some ceramic knobs and other stuff, and mostly animals. I have seen this work before represented as Yardbirds, but the business card now says Engine-New-Ity, it appears to be the same company though, although these sculptures are a bit more industrial than the Yardbirds ones.


Melvin McGee – Brightly colored cartoonish paintings filled this booth. Some original designs and some based on favorite characters like The Wizard of Oz or Frankenstien. What really made the booth popular was sound effect to go with some of the paintings. Its hard not to be drawn in to all this fun.

Vladimir Ovtcharov – I can’t not love a good pop surrealist painter, which is exactly what this booth was. Apparently the Ovtcharov’s show as a duo but this show appeared to just be Vladimir. Both of their collections can be viewed online and they are both great. I think I dig Vladimir a bit more for the pop punches though. You can really see the old school painting techniques mixed with modern ideas.

Brian J. Sullivan – American Image is the name of an upcoming exhibit from this artist, and it is the perfect way to describe them. Filled with bright colors and pop imagery some are comforting but some, just because of the proportions are almost scary, look at the one with Howdy Doody and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Karri Jamison – I love nature, and I also love bright bold colors, these paintings combine both. Some of the nature is otherworldy while some is very familiar. They are beautifully done with funky backgrounds that make them really stand out in a crowd.


Luis Gonzalez – I don’t know what it was about these, the size and color drew me in! Large fruits an vegetables make up the work made out of wood that are glossy and colorful enough to eat.

Kathy Oda – Super nice lady to talk to, and her work is a lot of fun. I have always had a soft spot for glass and want to try the kiln formed variety in the future. My favorite part of her collection are the little Splats. To some folks these might look like toss away pieces but they are so much fun, I can imagine a house with little Splats lazing about in various colors and sizes!

April Riley Tate – Just plain cute, no other way to describe it. These stuffed toys are simple and adorable. Also helps that they encourage cuddling of the stuffies! With your standard animal variety as well as bearded ladies and strongmen what is not to love.


Cindy Martin (Aldrich Valley Pottery) – I would have really liked to get one of these pieces as well, they were so great and priced kind of low. From what I could see they were all raku fired and each had it’s own individual flare. Some included horse hair and most included figurative elements of animals carefully sculpted and attached to the pieces. Very beautiful one of a kind work.

Hironobu Nishitateno (Nanten Pottery) – Tons of tiny little pots and vessels, very traditional but with some great glazes and unique features. The bud vases were adorable and there were so many different options and styles.

Reiko Cunningham – Last but not least, personally I love making sgraffito pottery, and you can tell Reiko does as well. Bunny rabbits seem to be a common theme which attracted lots of kids (and kids at heart) to this booth. Some of the carving were full scenes while in other areas a nice pattern. Great stuff all around.

For more info on Laumeier Sculpture park and next years Art Fair go here!


This is a long overdue post about the group show I was in with several different artists I know. The show had an opening on Feb 1st, and a small closing Feb 22nd. It went well and we had several people come out for it. Everyone had a nice selection of their work represented and it ranged from charcoal, pen and ink, printmaking, ceramic, photography, and paintings. Had a small issue when setting up, a box was dropped and a piece broke 😦 I glued it together and painted over it with some bronze paint and the cracks were barely noticeable. But the speckled clay body looked so good it was a shame to see it go. Not sure if I personally would choose that venue again to show my own artwork. While the goings on downstairs do get people in the door it was sometimes a little distracting to the upstairs space. It is increasingly hard to find a venue that wants 3-d work since most spaces are used for other things too, ie concert venues, yoga studios, event rentals, etc. I have some other updates to do soon, but wanted to get this one done. I have included some pictures of my artwork on display in the space. Hopefully we can get another show together soon.

Since I am selfish, I did not take a lot of pictures of other folks work. But I am including links to some of their stuff so you can see it.

Tom Cline – Lots and lots and lots of prints. Pretty sure Tom does printmaking more often than breathing.

Joanne Rohe – Link is for her shop on Etsy which includes a lot of handmade books, but she also paints and draws.

Greg Griesenauer – There is a disclaimer on this site, which makes it more fun I think. Featured paintings in the show.

Derek Grimm – What’s that coming over the hill, is it a Monster!? Is it a Monster?! If you are looking at Derek’s art, it probably is.

Christy Combs – Photographer mostly, but also did some mixed media art relating to typography.

Hailey Francis – Currently just this Etsy page with her handmade bags, but expect bigger things from her in the future.

There were 3 other artists, but they do not have websites for their artwork, at least not that I can find. If that changes I will update!

Show 2-1-13 (20) Show 2-1-13 (18) Show 2-1-13 (16) Show 2-1-13 (12) Show 2-1-13 (10) Show 2-1-13 (7)

Been fiddling around a bit with some different ways of doing things.

The first has been cutting into pottery all the way instead of sgrafitto with slip like I normally do. I have had a couple of failed attempts but think the new one is coming out okay. I have a picture below. I am still making like an amorphous blobby pattern with it but just hollowing out spaces in the form itself. I have also thrown a base to this piece since it is a bit short and I want to give it some height. The failed attempts mostly had to do with either the clay being too wet, or the cuts being too close together, or both!

I also am really liking pumice gel lately. I tried some out before on a set of clay earrings and really enjoyed the texture and the fact I can apply it to wet clay and fire it and it doesn’t burn out. I want to add it to some more pottery and have some stuff with that rough texture, I may add some to the base of the piece I mentioned above. However I have already been adding it to an encaustic piece I have been playing with. I have a picture of that below too. This piece will probably get some more of the light green added to it and I might add some clay beads to it hanging underneath, not sure yet still playing with it, I just know it’s not done yet.

Out of the busy season at work finally so I can get back to working a little bit more regularly. I threw a couple of small pieces and was playing with a new texture tool I got. I also got some more low fire white clay which works on the wheel beautifully. The speckled stuff I was using was a nightmare. It always got too wet and would collapse and not feel as strong and sturdy while throwing. What I have left of it will strictly go into handbuilding. I have a few little pieces not sure what I am going to do with, maybe make some other things to attach them too.

I also played a little bit more with my encaustic supplies. I have a work downstairs that is really in the beginning stages of whatever it will be. Not sure how I feel about the thread additions yet, but I can always rip them off. I really do like the way the paper I used looks so far. There are pictures below of each of these things. Now I have a couple days off to put some extra work into them 🙂

This past weekend was the Laumeier Art Fair which is an event I have been going to for years. While still in school I had my work featured in a student booth there and some of my friends had work shown as well. This was the first time I was there not as a volunteer or viewing friends work.  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the fair and it was just as crowded as ever. I really enjoy the park and the food and live music but this post is going to focus on some of my favorite artists (Spoiler, they are ALL 3d artists)


Karen Bell – Super lifelike sculpture of the not so cute and cuddly type of animals. Lots of lizards, and turtles, and bats oh my! These sculptures which are sometimes by themselves and other times on vessels or other objects look like they could leap or walk right off the pedestals. The color and texture she uses all add to some great pieces.

Terry Habeger – From a distance some of this work appears to be a blocky painting, but they are in fact ceramic sculptures. The bright bold colors instantly draw you in and then you just stare in amazement at the angles and how smooth everything is the wat these sculptures jut out of the wall and reach for you. I believe Terry exhibited here last year too and I was still just as fascinated.

Jimmy Liu –  Fun, whimsical, yet functional teapots were what was mostly on display here, although his website shows many other offerings. There is some great realistic sculpting of animals and some cute little faces that would make any of these pots fun in the home.


Craig Lossing– Could not find his website, or the one I found didn’t seem to be working, but this site does have some of his work shown. Really enjoyed his wood coloring and how fine he could trim the wood down to. I bought a small spinning top from his booth and continue to play with it at any chance I get.

Steven Spiro – Amazing wooden table and chairs. The wavy lines that make up the supports are so much fun to look at and explore. It looks like a little living world under a seemingly normal table top. Each piece is totally unique, could spend a lot of time here.


Stephen Rich Nelson– My friend described some of these elaborate forms as teapots you might find at the Mad Hatter’s table in Alice in Wonderland. There are definitely lots of bright colors and fun whimsical stacked forms. They also have some simpler although just as bright little sculptures like pumpkins and pears.

Mixed Media

Eric and Karen Shi – Okay so this one is actually 2d, weird I know. But they were truly fascinating. The works go by the name Embroidery Wonders, and is just that. From a far it looks just like naturalistic paintings or photographs, but when you get up close you start to see each little thread making up these works. They are little wonders and really amazing. I could not find a website or much internet coverage of these works, so might take some more research.

Attended the Through the Looking Glass show at Mad Art Gallery this past Friday. Below are some pictures of my art on display as well as some of my friends artwork. More of his work can be seen here. The event was fun but really quite loud, I do love the Mad Art space it was fun seeing my work on display there. The show should be up until April 30th so stop in if you are able.  

I went on a little earring making binge a couple of weeks ago and have many new ones to show off. Look out for them in the coming weeks in my etsy shop as I also renew some older listings! There is a group picture coming in this post of the new additions. Some have the glossy glazes on them, others just a matte underglaze, but all are very bright! I also recently got some ceramic paint that I will have to experiment with at some point after I get some sealer.

The Etsy Holiday Sale that I participated in went off without a hitch. I really enjoyed this sale a lot more than others I had participated in. There was a great group of artists and everything seemed to be ran very smoothly. I sold a bit more than I have in the past as well. By no means did I do phenomenal, but it is a step in the right direction and something I would definitely be interested in participating in again. I have included a picture of my table as well.


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