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It has been 6 months since my last post! Way tooooooo long. Living arrangements have changed somewhat and I have limited access to the big computer which is easier to post from, it’s been a little easier to post on smaller blogs like Tumblr in the mean time.

I have been focusing a little more on 2-d work lately. It’s a little more feasible financially to do and it is a little quicker to do so i can fit it in better when I can. In addition i have been playing around with some line work and patterns done with some pens. I have been using a type of pen called a Hybrid Technica made by Pentel that I really enjoy for fine lines. It gives the look of a technical pen without the price of buying a technical pen. The painting has been consisting of some watercolor but lately a lot more acrylic, i can get such brighter bolder colors with acrylic. Most importantly is that there is NEON acrylic paint. Frankly Neon needs to exists more, I wish my whole wardrobe was neon. But I digress. I have included some pictures of some of the stuff i have been playing with. Included are some pictures of some stuff from a series i have been dabbling with I am calling 90’s wisdom, which features quotes from 90’s songs against a bright patterned background.





I have still been throwing on the wheel every so often and in fact threw a couple of bowls to donate to an Empty Bowls event held at my Alma Matter of SLU this year. Here is a photo of how those looked.



We are already a few days into the new year, but I still have some things that never got put up from last year. These are some random things that didn’t fit in with other posts or I didn’t have time to make a separate post for.

First off I made another Christmas stocking this year, this time for my best friend. He came with me to the fabric store and picked out some fabric himself. I still have enough to make another stocking and may do so before next Christmas. It has Rudolph licensed fabric on the outside and some swirly beige fabric on the inside.

Second are some pictures of the first items to be made on my at home wheel. I made one bowl, a curvy vessel, and 5 little off the hump things which may be used as teabowls. They have all been trimmed and are now just awaiting being fired.

For the new year expect to see a lot more sewing projects and items made in my in home studio as I continue to expand it. I have a heap of fabric just waiting to be used and plan on making a purse with it I have already made one bag, which I actually do not think I ever photographed! Save that for the next wrap up post I guess 🙂 I also am planning on making more jewelry and expanding to more than earrings. Happy New Year! I look forward to hearing from you guys in 2012.

As promised, I have taken some more pictures for more listing, and possibly more treasuries and sales!

There are lots of different things that still had not been properly photographed including teabowls, little plates, cups, bowls, and other sculptural things. I am thinking another giveaway may happen soon, possibly on this blog, or hosted by another again. Updates as it happens! I have also been neglecting the studio lately, with vacations, and actual work being on extended hours, and the classes starting in the studio I use. However, I think I got a schedule down now that should be good for getting in there weekly again which means more fun updates of works in progress.

Here is a sampling of photos as a preview for what will soon be listed on Etsy. I had some fun and added some candies to some shots, which I think will be good for listing closer to Halloween!

So somehow in the minute it took to walk from my car into my place of work in the lounge to set down my purse, my water bottle nearly depleted itself into said purse. It is a metal bottle from the place I work at and the cap was screwed on tightly, but the little flip top wasn’t snapped shut all the way apparently. The bottom of my tote purse was absolutely soaked, which is unfortunate since that is where my ipod and camera like to lurk in the abyss. 😦 Needless to say my ipod is not working, so I will have to start taking my computer to studio again if I want to listen to music, or just keep my phone charged (but it only holds like 2 gigs). Also my camera is working, but has a blur, which has gotten better slowly over the day. But good news is I won a camera as a door prize for a lecture a while back, and gave it to my mom, who never uses it and said I could have it back 🙂 And luckily I took the pictures I will sharing shortly a few days ago!

So besides being a serial murderer of all things electronic (this is not the first drowning that has occured), I have still been working in studio pretty regularly. I have been making some smaller things again so I have plenty of them for the art market (which btw my first date will me July 21st!). These have included some more flowers, and a new type of said flowers, many many more magnets, and I have been throwing here and there, including another off the hump venture. I am getting a little better at the off the hump thing, and salvaged many more bowls this time, only broke 2 during the trimming process! (I don’t have pics of them trimmed, only recently thrown). Also I have finished some of the earlier flowers complete with stakes and leaves that I need to take pictures of soon!

Here are the pictures, also seen in them is the Blue thrown piece from the previous post with a design in process carved into it, which has since been finished.

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