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This past year has seen a lot, from moving back and forth cross country, and a death in the family, and working like all the time because capitalism is the worst; I haven’t been feeling much studio time.

I have been trying to get involved with some more creative swaps still on swap-bot which mostly have entailed me making postcards or decorating envelopes and such. And I have thrown a few small things on my wheel, but not gotten them fired yet. My studio however, is still in disarray and not completely set back up as some of the tables are being used for other things. So my encaustics have not come out to play yet. I have been doing some light acrylic and watercolor painting in addition to working a lot with gel pens. I’m trying to trim my work hours just a bit so I have some more time to myself to create, but for the most part I am pretty unproductive 😦

I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of making this more of an art review blog. I have a whole stack of cards from art shows/fairs to talk about and link up and might do that in the near future.

I do have an instagram if people want to follow I sometimes post pictures of what I am working on and mail going in and out on there. Screen Name : Deidreart

Some recent creations:

Masterboard Pcs

collage/masterboard postcards

D atc

atc with letter D theme (pretty sure all the words came from an ikea catalog)

kawaii atcsKawaii Atc’s

12145374_501087296726019_108169971_n Glitterati (paint, gel pen, and tape) 11325488_889695367767386_971083212_na map of our travels

Currently listening to this a lot. which is weird because when it first came out I wasn’t that into it.


Woke up to a headache caused by my little barking heathens/dogs. However, I decided to spend some time wrapping up some crafts in the basement before starting the rest of my day. To start off with I put some finishing touches on an ATC for a swap with a pig theme. I had a lot of stuff to choose from to add pig elements. I like the way it turned out in the end. Initially I had started using some plates to add some paint texture elements to an atc which I liked but I think it stands well on its own and I didn’t want to add pigs to it. I will save that one for another opportunity, or maybe as a test for something larger. Pictures of both are below.

I also finished the fabric bowl I started a week or so ago. I added the trim around the top. It was regular fabric binding in white and I had painted it a few days ago to blend a little bit better with the fabric choices. Again the bowl is a little shallow and a little wobbly given the nature of how it was made, but a good little bowl for knick knacks, whatever happens to be lying around.

I also am including a picture of a swap I recently received. It was to fill a pencil bag and I got a few great little goodies, there was more than what is pictured including some notebooks but the little piggies are great and I love Little Miss and Mr Men stuff. I also love my fellow swappers 🙂

08-16-13 (4) 08-16-13 (2) 08-16-13 (3) 08-16-13 (6) 08-16-13 (5) 08-16-13 (8) 08-16-13 (1)

The flowers blooming in our garden lately have me thinking about making more flowery sculptures. I need some clay though I am fresh out of fresh clay and only have the gunk to reconstitute at this point. Still have not got a firing in but will need to soon before back to school madness starts at work. I got in a few swaps before all that craziness starts including some ATC swaps. The one I have finished already is a Kawaii food with faces one, pictured below. One I still need to do is a pig one, which should be fun because I LOVE Pigs.  Check out the huge flower growing in our garden too. I swear they’ve grown an extra 6 inches since this photo was taken.

131_1603 131_1605 ILK food faces

On top of ceramics I do like to keep my hands busy with other things, crafts that I can do at home instead of in the studio. With my activity on swap-bot I have made some things to swap with other folks. I enjoy paper crafts but also fabric or embroidery things as well. I thought I would share some of the things I have made recently, including some postcards, bookmarks, John Waters themed ATCs, and a quilted Christmas stocking. The stocking in particular really makes me want to sew some more, and maybe over the holidays while I’m cuddled up in the cold I will make some more things that I have had ideas for a while. I think the pillow from an old hand bag will be next on the list. I also am going to try my first dotee doll soon for a swap, possibly with left over x-mas fabric.

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