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There is always an abundance of art in Saint Louis! Which is great, I enjoy going to shows when I can, and if I have work, submitting it as well!

Earlier this month I attended an opening at the Hoffman-Lachance Contemporary gallery located in the heart of Maplewood. The show Kinky Observation by local artist Cbabi Bayoc is on display this month until the 31st. The opening was on October 9th which included a talk with the artist, myself and a couple friends attended and were able to catch the artist talk. I would highly recommend finding time to go see the work before this show closes.

Upon first walking in I was not entirely sure what I was looking at but I liked it. I had briefly read a little bit about the show before going and knew that a general theme was finding imagery in ordinary every day objects. I didn’t have a long time to look around before the artist talk began. What was most impressive about the talk was when Cbabi explained how he created all the work on display in a span of 3-4 weeks. Granted Hoffman-Lachance isn’t the biggest gallery, but there is plenty of wall space that was covered with pieces of varying sizes, that amount of work in that time frame is amazing. If you are familiar with Cbabi Bayoc’s previous work, the pieces at this show may be a bit shocking as they are a bit of a departure from his norm, which is predominantly portraiture.  This new work is refreshing and still holds on to his roots. When he began to describe the inspiration for this collection as being hairstyles I immediately looked around and began to see it, and was surprised I hadn’t noticed before. The shapes and expression in each painting though seem very unique and can create a personal connection for each viewer. My favorites are ones that added little details of color like ribbons or flowers, just a little hint of something not as abstract pulling things together. I myself am a huge fan of the abstract though, so I of course was drawn into this show quite a bit. There is a lot of life in this show and it is worth experiencing yourself, especially if like myself you are a fan of the abstract.

And for an Upcoming Opening  

This weekend, the 24th to be exact, Koken Art Factory will be hosting their annual Halloween art show. While I do not have work in this show, my best friend Paul Lapusan does. The show will be taking place from 7pm-11:30 pm and should be a lot of fun. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of advertising for this show this time around which is surprising but it is definitely happening! Koken shows are always very eccentric and a really mix-up of local artists. There will be all different kinds of mediums and talent levels represented, and there is usually some form of entertainment as well. This show will be more tame than Koken’s Naughty-Gras as the call for art even stated to keep things “tasteful” so don’t be afraid to bring a younger crowd.


Again it is time for me to promote some other blogs from a swap I am doing on swap-bot! This time it is only 5 partners but please check them out!

Crafting with Blue –  Great blog from a general crafter. She does a lot of scrapbooking and has examples and pictures of finished product. Updated quite frequently! There are even holiday pages and crafts for you to try out. Linked in with other bloggers too if you want to see how others handle similar projects.

Viridian Muse – Her last few posts have been promoting other bloggers, including myself! However, there is also some great crafts in here as well. She has some great little illustrations and also makes faeries. The blog includes pictures of finished work and work in progress. I really like the design style or her illustrations and paintings and the faeries are just darling.

Bone-needle –  A blogger who definitely has a focus in medieval arts and crafts. She seems to do a lot of fun fabric art. From needle-point to larger projects like dresses it is all great. Lots of photos of finished crafts as well as descriptions of process and critique of materials. She is also very good at script or calligraphy writing and the scroll work she does is fascinating.

Create to Feel Great – A blog all about the quest to creat at least one craft project a week! It seems to be in year three so it must be working. There are weekly posts about the project and other life musings as well as photos of the projects. There is a little bit of everything, paper projects, sewing projects, and painting. I like the sewing projects the best and might try some of my own.

B Positive B Free – In general a life blog. There are lots of positive inspiring words and stories to read about her own life. She is also a knitter who does some fabric arts and crafts with photos to show for it. Even the knitted messages are all about being positive which is a great view to have in this day and age. Well worth the read when you need to take a break for a while.


That is all for now! I recently went to a Pinterest party though and have some pictures of crafts that I made with some other friends. Coming soon!

I recently signed up for another blog swap on Swap-Bot and here are my partners for the swap. I enjoy seeing new blogs and hope that people stumbling upon this blog enjoy seeing some as well!

The Intentional Life– Life blog focusing on living life to its fullest, being creative, and having an Intentional Life.

Craftgecko Creation –  Another wordpress blog! This one focuses more on crafts, and boy are there lots of them!  There are tips and photos of works in progress and finished as well.

Crafty Hour –  Another great crafting blog with many different project, some focusing on sewing, which may give me some new projects to try out soon.

Unionvale Mom – Lots of paper crafts, friendship books, atcs etc. Also right now there is a list of blogs similar to this one with more blogs to check out.

Crafted – A facebook page and non-traditional blog, but still updated with photos and ideas.

Pink Stitches – If the name doesn’t tip you off, most of this blog is dedicated to sewing projects! Really fun cute sewing projects!

Those are all for now, I have been in over my head with work and lots of crafting time finishing up my rug and medallions but will update once I have more progress to show for all the time in my little hole of a craft space!

A quick little update post before I go down to my little hobbit hole as I like to call it and get some work done. I need to start making 40 or so medals for a commissioned project but I do have a couple of months to get things done, I would also like to get working on a rug I started, and the first batch of jewelry is ready to get some attachments! Attachments like earring posts, and cords for necklaces. The first batch of pendants though may have holes too small for that, hopefully I can find something to fit through them though. I also have been working o n some more paper crafts for swaps. It helps me to work around here with stuff when I may not have as much access to clay.

Here are some photos of some of the crafts, and clay stuff I have been working on. Now off to start finishing some of it and working on other things!

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