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There is always an abundance of art in Saint Louis! Which is great, I enjoy going to shows when I can, and if I have work, submitting it as well!

Earlier this month I attended an opening at the Hoffman-Lachance Contemporary gallery located in the heart of Maplewood. The show Kinky Observation by local artist Cbabi Bayoc is on display this month until the 31st. The opening was on October 9th which included a talk with the artist, myself and a couple friends attended and were able to catch the artist talk. I would highly recommend finding time to go see the work before this show closes.

Upon first walking in I was not entirely sure what I was looking at but I liked it. I had briefly read a little bit about the show before going and knew that a general theme was finding imagery in ordinary every day objects. I didn’t have a long time to look around before the artist talk began. What was most impressive about the talk was when Cbabi explained how he created all the work on display in a span of 3-4 weeks. Granted Hoffman-Lachance isn’t the biggest gallery, but there is plenty of wall space that was covered with pieces of varying sizes, that amount of work in that time frame is amazing. If you are familiar with Cbabi Bayoc’s previous work, the pieces at this show may be a bit shocking as they are a bit of a departure from his norm, which is predominantly portraiture.  This new work is refreshing and still holds on to his roots. When he began to describe the inspiration for this collection as being hairstyles I immediately looked around and began to see it, and was surprised I hadn’t noticed before. The shapes and expression in each painting though seem very unique and can create a personal connection for each viewer. My favorites are ones that added little details of color like ribbons or flowers, just a little hint of something not as abstract pulling things together. I myself am a huge fan of the abstract though, so I of course was drawn into this show quite a bit. There is a lot of life in this show and it is worth experiencing yourself, especially if like myself you are a fan of the abstract.

And for an Upcoming Opening  

This weekend, the 24th to be exact, Koken Art Factory will be hosting their annual Halloween art show. While I do not have work in this show, my best friend Paul Lapusan does. The show will be taking place from 7pm-11:30 pm and should be a lot of fun. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of advertising for this show this time around which is surprising but it is definitely happening! Koken shows are always very eccentric and a really mix-up of local artists. There will be all different kinds of mediums and talent levels represented, and there is usually some form of entertainment as well. This show will be more tame than Koken’s Naughty-Gras as the call for art even stated to keep things “tasteful” so don’t be afraid to bring a younger crowd.


This is a long overdue post about the group show I was in with several different artists I know. The show had an opening on Feb 1st, and a small closing Feb 22nd. It went well and we had several people come out for it. Everyone had a nice selection of their work represented and it ranged from charcoal, pen and ink, printmaking, ceramic, photography, and paintings. Had a small issue when setting up, a box was dropped and a piece broke 😦 I glued it together and painted over it with some bronze paint and the cracks were barely noticeable. But the speckled clay body looked so good it was a shame to see it go. Not sure if I personally would choose that venue again to show my own artwork. While the goings on downstairs do get people in the door it was sometimes a little distracting to the upstairs space. It is increasingly hard to find a venue that wants 3-d work since most spaces are used for other things too, ie concert venues, yoga studios, event rentals, etc. I have some other updates to do soon, but wanted to get this one done. I have included some pictures of my artwork on display in the space. Hopefully we can get another show together soon.

Since I am selfish, I did not take a lot of pictures of other folks work. But I am including links to some of their stuff so you can see it.

Tom Cline – Lots and lots and lots of prints. Pretty sure Tom does printmaking more often than breathing.

Joanne Rohe – Link is for her shop on Etsy which includes a lot of handmade books, but she also paints and draws.

Greg Griesenauer – There is a disclaimer on this site, which makes it more fun I think. Featured paintings in the show.

Derek Grimm – What’s that coming over the hill, is it a Monster!? Is it a Monster?! If you are looking at Derek’s art, it probably is.

Christy Combs – Photographer mostly, but also did some mixed media art relating to typography.

Hailey Francis – Currently just this Etsy page with her handmade bags, but expect bigger things from her in the future.

There were 3 other artists, but they do not have websites for their artwork, at least not that I can find. If that changes I will update!

Show 2-1-13 (20) Show 2-1-13 (18) Show 2-1-13 (16) Show 2-1-13 (12) Show 2-1-13 (10) Show 2-1-13 (7)

So the group show I will be a part of with some friends & coworkers is fast approaching. Here is a copy of the show card announcing details of the show. I am pretty sure I will be the only one with pedestals, but there will be lots of amazing work, drawings, paintings, prints, etc.

I have my ceramic pieces squared away and am just waiting on a few firings. However, I am trying to get a few more of my small encaustic paintings done as part of a series. I got some more panels and supplies to do so too! I added some texture and depth to these recent ones by using an air dry clay and affixing it to the panels. I have a few more to get done but here are some photos of the ones I worked on today.

More Neon (1)

More Neon (2)

More Neon (3)

Some of my older work got accepted into a show at the Soulard Art Market in Soulard. Here is the show card with information about the show. Hope to see people there! It is free to get in and there will be Schlafly Beer handy. The theme was art inspired by small details and the microscopic, some of my small carved pieces will be shown.

Soulard Show Card

Attended the Through the Looking Glass show at Mad Art Gallery this past Friday. Below are some pictures of my art on display as well as some of my friends artwork. More of his work can be seen here. The event was fun but really quite loud, I do love the Mad Art space it was fun seeing my work on display there. The show should be up until April 30th so stop in if you are able.  

First off let me say a reminder about a show some of my work will be in. Some of my small white flower pieces will be in a themed show called Through the Looking Glass help at Mad Art Gallery more info can be found here. The opening reception is April 6th (next week) from 7pm-10pm and it will be up throughout the month of April.

Secondly I have a picture of some freshly fired glaze work. This is the newer clay body I got when I purchased my wheel, and I was kind of disappointed that I did not get more speckles in it. Maybe it speckles more if it is in a hand-built thing instead of on the wheel where a lot of it may be taken out. The clear coat on it though is just gorgeous! When I use more in the future I will probably go more with just clear, although I did like the crackle as well. A close up shot of the crackle can be seen on my facebook page. Leaving it unglazed looks too plain.

Lastly I am including a picture of some earrings I made with sculpey. They are little piranha plants biting my ears! I found some on etsy via pinterest and decided to try them out.

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