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I have been keeping busy online updating my society 6 and etsy store as well as a friend’s society 6 store and our joint tumblr. But I have been lacking in blog posts for sure! I have been doing some new paintings including playing around more with acrylic skins which has been my favorite stuff so far. I’ve always liked making collages and doing it with brightly colored paint is really fun. Some of those pictures are below. I also had a little sewing class at a local Jo-anns store and got a little bit of a better feel for my machine and have been doing little projects here and there on it. It has been going fairly well though I am still not that great. Photos I am sure will come when I get a better feel for it and start doing some funner projects. That’s all for now, more to come soon. 

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If you haven’t noticed, I have a fascination with bright neon colors, and it shows up in my work. Recently I bought some neon acrylic colors from work to play around with. I had some sample acrylic mediums I have been playing with lately and wanted more acrylic colors to test out with them. I made 4 small (approx 4×6) text pieces with my new neon colors and some older colors I had. i used tape and cut up sticker sheets to lay down some shapes and strips to mark off certain area. I had a glazing medium that I mixed in the paint to thin it down a bit and also get some smoother, thinner layers. I really like the way they turned out however the color does look much better in person, my scanner doesn’t seem to pick up on the neon as much. Will definitely be doing more tests in the future but am currently in a getting messy with clay mood.

Last couple times I’ve been in the studio I have been playing with some texture plates and acrylic paints and mediums. I have some thicker mediums to build up shapes in encaustic work and for use on fired ceramic pieces, and some stuff that I picked up from a demo at work. I like how my little samples turned out which can be seen below. I am setting up a new one on a wood panel but just got done priming it today, next comes building it up! The first image was done with Golden Course Modeling Paste, the second image was done with Golden Heavy Gel. I really like the modeling paste and it will probably be the one I used more in the future.  It feels kind of plastery and smooths out really well. I also like that it is an opaque white. The heavy gel was kind of like hair gel and was a little sticky, it didn’t leave as clean of an impression as a result of the stickiness. And the smooth gloss of it didn’t make it as absorbent for paint as the modeling paste.  However, I like the texture and colors I used on the gel one more than the modeling paste one :\

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