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It has been 6 months since my last post! Way tooooooo long. Living arrangements have changed somewhat and I have limited access to the big computer which is easier to post from, it’s been a little easier to post on smaller blogs like Tumblr in the mean time.

I have been focusing a little more on 2-d work lately. It’s a little more feasible financially to do and it is a little quicker to do so i can fit it in better when I can. In addition i have been playing around with some line work and patterns done with some pens. I have been using a type of pen called a Hybrid Technica made by Pentel that I really enjoy for fine lines. It gives the look of a technical pen without the price of buying a technical pen. The painting has been consisting of some watercolor but lately a lot more acrylic, i can get such brighter bolder colors with acrylic. Most importantly is that there is NEON acrylic paint. Frankly Neon needs to exists more, I wish my whole wardrobe was neon. But I digress. I have included some pictures of some of the stuff i have been playing with. Included are some pictures of some stuff from a series i have been dabbling with I am calling 90’s wisdom, which features quotes from 90’s songs against a bright patterned background.





I have still been throwing on the wheel every so often and in fact threw a couple of bowls to donate to an Empty Bowls event held at my Alma Matter of SLU this year. Here is a photo of how those looked.



Posted on: July 22, 2013

Tumblr time

Quick link for you guys, I have started a joint Tumblr with my best friend. We are both artists and will be posting some of our own stuff, but also collaborations and possibly music and comedy stuff in the future. Check it out, and follow us if you are inclined. 

I have taken my art into a new venture with cake decorating. I just finished week 3 of the class and it is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do some of the fondant and gum paste type stuff that will be more sculptural. For now we have just been doing some different icing decorations. Everyone comes out different and they definitely take some practice. We have already learned so much. It will just be another type of 3 dimensional art for me to practice and one that others can enjoy by eating it!

Here are some pictures of my first decorated cake and some cupcakes from tonight.

Also little note, I will have some of my ceramic sculpture flowers in a group show at Mad Art Gallery during the month of April. As we get closer to the date I will have more info about it, the reception will be April 6th.

This may be hard to believe with all the crafts I have had my hand in, but up until last week I had never actually decoupaged before!!  I got the oppurtunity to take a class for free at Artmart on this and couldn’t pass it up. I made a decoupaged plate. We chose a paper to used and also got to paint a premade wooden plate. All things that you can buy at Artmart or art supply/craft stores in your area! Here are some photos of my finished piece. I used some turquoise paint and a marbelized handmade paper.

I made a new batch of thrown pottery the other day that I am practicing some pattern making on. Some of it is wheel thrown that I have put pieces  of lace and ribbon on the impress a delicate pattern. So far these have not been coming out as I would hope, but they are working somewhat. Just a bit more practice in application and it will hopefully look cleaner.

The other one are rolled slabs that are cut in various shapes I may use as ring catchers or little plates. There is also some lace and ribbon on these, as well as some sea shells and other materials. It has been some fun experimenting to see what different things will do.

Lastly I have also been working on a drawing a new pattern I filled up more of a page, but have a tiny picture of what it will look like. I am thinking of doing it on the larger thrown piece in the photo with some yellow slip.

I made some more postcards. This time based on television shows. I used Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job for one and Parks and Recreation for the other. They are okay but I wish I had some better paper to collage with I need to get some more magazines to cut from. The T&E one kind of blends together, but came out better than I expected going in. I really like the background on the Parks and Recreation one. I used packing tape to seal them which also helped flatten them out.

Now I have a couple of days off so I am going to go down into my dungeon and work on some more swap crafts and of course working on some ceramic stuff. We brought some larger sculptures that myself and my friend had still been working on in the school studio over to my dungeon so we can work on them here. It is becoming a regular studio! Updates coming soon.

Made this cute little postcard for a swap. That is one down! I kind of wish I had like a mini laminate machine instead of using packing tape, but it works for now! Hopefully it make it all the way to its destination in Norway.

I used cut up pieces of kawaii memo pads and little note sheets, and some stickers, also some glitter glue!

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