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I have been keeping busy online updating my society 6 and etsy store as well as a friend’s society 6 store and our joint tumblr. But I have been lacking in blog posts for sure! I have been doing some new paintings including playing around more with acrylic skins which has been my favorite stuff so far. I’ve always liked making collages and doing it with brightly colored paint is really fun. Some of those pictures are below. I also had a little sewing class at a local Jo-anns store and got a little bit of a better feel for my machine and have been doing little projects here and there on it. It has been going fairly well though I am still not that great. Photos I am sure will come when I get a better feel for it and start doing some funner projects. That’s all for now, more to come soon. 

November 2013 (6) Blitz (1) Acrylic (1)


I have a brand new batch of ceramic stuff that went through a kiln fire recently. It looked like a lot more stuff when it was taking up space on my tables in my studio area. However, it barely filled half a large kiln. Some of the recycled clay body turned out a little strange with some pin pricks or cracking showing up. Also some of the glazing had some pin hole results and I won’t be able to list them in my shop, but they are still fun experiments to have around the house. Below are pictures of the items pre-fired and then them finished. Keep an eye out in my Etsy shop for some of the things that turned out well.

I have dabbled with watercolor before, back in school and when making little crafts for swaps. When I got a free high quality watercolor brush from a training at work I thought I might do some more watercolor studies which I previewed in the previous post. While I am satisfied with what I came out with I was kind of disappointed in the brush.

This is my new brush, an Escoda Prado series in a size 10 Filbert.



It is quite different and more stately than the rest in my collection.



And it is a different shape than what I have used in the past. The feel of the brush was pretty great and the hair felt great too. But my problem was that it was too absorbent for what I want to do with my watercolors. I like to splash them around and flick the paint off the brush which was a lot harder to do when it did not want to leave the brush! I still like the feel of it and think it is great for laying down washed and doing more detailed work, but when I want drips and splatters I am still going to go back to my cheapies.

I am working on uploading the watercolors I have done in my new Society 6 store (see link in sidebar) and will continue playing around with it in the future.

I have been working on some watercolor studies lately and decided to make my own society 6 page and post them there. I have one up now and will add more in the future. Possibly some other 2d work will show up there also. Here is a sampling of the watercolor pictures I have been working on that will be showing up there soon.



SLU 2013

Posted on: May 5, 2013

The medallions are finished in time for the latest school year to be over. I have enjoyed making these medals for the past 3 years and would love to continue doing it in the future. Not long ago, 4 years to be exact, I was graduating from Saint Louis University myself and heading out into the world after what seemed like a whole life spent in school. The future is always uncertain but I wish the newest crop of graduates from the Fine and Performing Arts department at Saint Louis University luck in their future and Congratulations on making it through!

Congrats 2013 grads here is a look at the medallions the FPA grads will get this year.

So the group show I will be a part of with some friends & coworkers is fast approaching. Here is a copy of the show card announcing details of the show. I am pretty sure I will be the only one with pedestals, but there will be lots of amazing work, drawings, paintings, prints, etc.

I have my ceramic pieces squared away and am just waiting on a few firings. However, I am trying to get a few more of my small encaustic paintings done as part of a series. I got some more panels and supplies to do so too! I added some texture and depth to these recent ones by using an air dry clay and affixing it to the panels. I have a few more to get done but here are some photos of the ones I worked on today.

More Neon (1)

More Neon (2)

More Neon (3)

Putting some of the final touches today on a piece I was working on for my group show that will be opening on February 1st. I painted this piece instead of glazing, I just wanted some BRIGHT colors and for it to mimic an encaustic piece a bit. I took some photos of them together and I think they both turned out really good. Looking forward to seeing them both shown in a few weeks. Here are some of the photos I took tonite. Also my basement and some of the upstairs smells kind of bad from sealing it, but the sealer really brought out the color and is keeping it protected. And so far, no one has gotten dizzy yet. 🙂

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