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This past year has seen a lot, from moving back and forth cross country, and a death in the family, and working like all the time because capitalism is the worst; I haven’t been feeling much studio time.

I have been trying to get involved with some more creative swaps still on swap-bot which mostly have entailed me making postcards or decorating envelopes and such. And I have thrown a few small things on my wheel, but not gotten them fired yet. My studio however, is still in disarray and not completely set back up as some of the tables are being used for other things. So my encaustics have not come out to play yet. I have been doing some light acrylic and watercolor painting in addition to working a lot with gel pens. I’m trying to trim my work hours just a bit so I have some more time to myself to create, but for the most part I am pretty unproductive 😦

I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of making this more of an art review blog. I have a whole stack of cards from art shows/fairs to talk about and link up and might do that in the near future.

I do have an instagram if people want to follow I sometimes post pictures of what I am working on and mail going in and out on there. Screen Name : Deidreart

Some recent creations:

Masterboard Pcs

collage/masterboard postcards

D atc

atc with letter D theme (pretty sure all the words came from an ikea catalog)

kawaii atcsKawaii Atc’s

12145374_501087296726019_108169971_n Glitterati (paint, gel pen, and tape) 11325488_889695367767386_971083212_na map of our travels

Currently listening to this a lot. which is weird because when it first came out I wasn’t that into it.


This past weekend was Mother’s Day which means it was also the annual Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Fair. Paul and I volunteered this year and got to see the fair for free. However, the weather was not in our favor. When we arrived for our volunteer shift it was pouring down rain, we got soaked on the short walk from our car to volunteer check-in. The whole fair is outside and in a field so you can imagine that the ground was pretty soggy. Once we checked in we got to be under a tent for a few hours and the rain let up a bit but did continue to drizzle throughout the day. Attendance was low because of the weather so when we did get to walk around there wasn’t much crowding in the booths. There was a ton of great art there from artists I did not remember from years past (although it has been a while since I went to this fair). One thing I noticed is a lo of people did not have cards, which is what i use a lot to remember the booths and write posts like these. This post would have been twice as long for sure. I even bought myself a little something this year. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.


Frederick Prescott – These sculptures were so large they would have fit right in with the rest of the sculpture park. They took up residence in a little corner booth spot but could not be contained by a booth! And the brightly colored paint jobs drew you in from many booths away. The piggy was my favorite, but the cacti ones on his website look awesome too.

Joel Pinkerton – Not very much on his website or facebook page, but there is a large picture of his whimsical robotic sculptures. Made of upcycled materials each little guy or gal has it’s own personality, no two are a like! When you are surrounded by them it’s like you are in a foreign land straight out of a children’s book.

Richard Kolb – This was the booth I bought a little piece from, my piece was a little yard stake with a flying pig on top. Again made from upcycled materials mostly car parts and some ceramic knobs and other stuff, and mostly animals. I have seen this work before represented as Yardbirds, but the business card now says Engine-New-Ity, it appears to be the same company though, although these sculptures are a bit more industrial than the Yardbirds ones.


Melvin McGee – Brightly colored cartoonish paintings filled this booth. Some original designs and some based on favorite characters like The Wizard of Oz or Frankenstien. What really made the booth popular was sound effect to go with some of the paintings. Its hard not to be drawn in to all this fun.

Vladimir Ovtcharov – I can’t not love a good pop surrealist painter, which is exactly what this booth was. Apparently the Ovtcharov’s show as a duo but this show appeared to just be Vladimir. Both of their collections can be viewed online and they are both great. I think I dig Vladimir a bit more for the pop punches though. You can really see the old school painting techniques mixed with modern ideas.

Brian J. Sullivan – American Image is the name of an upcoming exhibit from this artist, and it is the perfect way to describe them. Filled with bright colors and pop imagery some are comforting but some, just because of the proportions are almost scary, look at the one with Howdy Doody and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Karri Jamison – I love nature, and I also love bright bold colors, these paintings combine both. Some of the nature is otherworldy while some is very familiar. They are beautifully done with funky backgrounds that make them really stand out in a crowd.


Luis Gonzalez – I don’t know what it was about these, the size and color drew me in! Large fruits an vegetables make up the work made out of wood that are glossy and colorful enough to eat.

Kathy Oda – Super nice lady to talk to, and her work is a lot of fun. I have always had a soft spot for glass and want to try the kiln formed variety in the future. My favorite part of her collection are the little Splats. To some folks these might look like toss away pieces but they are so much fun, I can imagine a house with little Splats lazing about in various colors and sizes!

April Riley Tate – Just plain cute, no other way to describe it. These stuffed toys are simple and adorable. Also helps that they encourage cuddling of the stuffies! With your standard animal variety as well as bearded ladies and strongmen what is not to love.


Cindy Martin (Aldrich Valley Pottery) – I would have really liked to get one of these pieces as well, they were so great and priced kind of low. From what I could see they were all raku fired and each had it’s own individual flare. Some included horse hair and most included figurative elements of animals carefully sculpted and attached to the pieces. Very beautiful one of a kind work.

Hironobu Nishitateno (Nanten Pottery) – Tons of tiny little pots and vessels, very traditional but with some great glazes and unique features. The bud vases were adorable and there were so many different options and styles.

Reiko Cunningham – Last but not least, personally I love making sgraffito pottery, and you can tell Reiko does as well. Bunny rabbits seem to be a common theme which attracted lots of kids (and kids at heart) to this booth. Some of the carving were full scenes while in other areas a nice pattern. Great stuff all around.

For more info on Laumeier Sculpture park and next years Art Fair go here!

I’ve been on quite the hiatus lately. But there is good cause, I moved! And then moved again. Back in August myself and my best buddy Paul (see side links to his artist profile) packed up my car with as much as it could carry and set off across country to Portland Oregon. Over 2,000 miles separated us from our current location and the future. We didn’t have jobs lined up, or even a place to stay, but we were determined. I was the sole driver on this journey which meant every once in a while I needed to rest my eyes. We spent 2 nights at rest stops and 2 nights at hotels but eventually arrived at our destination.

It was awesome arriving in Portland and seeing the city we had been talking about and accomplishing that part of the journey but it soon became ultra overwhelming! We had to make this work and find a source of income and a place to stay. After another night in the car and some more in hotels we did eventually find some more permanent lodgings as well as some semi-permanent jobs and we made it work. I’m pretty sure it still would be working but we had some family business to attend to at home and decided to once again pack everything we could into my little hatchback and once again drive the over 2,000 miles back to Saint Louis. It was even longer this time because I decided I wanted to explore the west coast some more before returning to the midwest.

But now we’re back! And while it has its ups and downs, one definite good thing is access to my studio and being able to start working on some new work. I also plan on writing a bit about our experience and will go into more detail on some of our adventures on this blog so stay tuned. In the mean time here is some of the play list of some of the road music we listened to on both trips.

The Muffs – Oh Nina and Lucky Guy

The Thermals – Here’s Your Future and Returning to the Fold

The Who – Tommy Soundtrack from Movie just the album, but seriously who doesn’t love Anne Margaret’s voice

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, for late night driving trying to stay awake this does the trick, because you can’t help but sing along.

NOFX – Bob and Nubs

Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack, Musicals are pretty popular in the car 

A small sampling of what we listened to, in addition to the hours of satellite radio!

Been a while since my last post as  looking for a new job has my primary focus. Which means not a whole lot going on artistically unfortunately. Even though I am still looking I decided to make some time to update some stuff too 🙂 I have been doing some crafty things like knitting, currently on my 3rd scarf which is the best to date. I taught myself thru youtube videos and initially hated it but now it is something calming to do after a long day when trying to rest, and not wanting to make a big mess. My hands don’t like being idle. I also have done some little pinterest crafts for the holidays and one kawaii collage for a postcard. Just little things while muddling thru the holidays. And there has been lots and lots of baking!

One craft for Christmas presents was actually one I saw in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens. But I found an equivalent guide on pinterest too here. There are little fortune cookies made from fabric, inside I wrote a fortune of “You will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” And included some little candies too.

The second one was a video I had been holding onto for a while that showed how to make your own lipstick, using three ingredients, castor oil, shea butter, and crayons. I followed the video exactly and it worked like a charm the colours are great and I’d love to try more, maybe even smaller batches for weird colors to use with costumes. I got the containers at the container store as the video shows, they have a multitude of colors. The castor oil and shea butter are a little pricey though and I’ll have enough to last for a long time but it was a fun thing to do.

Below are photos of the postcard and the christmas crafts.

131_2185 131_2187 Kawaii X-mas (2)

Woke up to a headache caused by my little barking heathens/dogs. However, I decided to spend some time wrapping up some crafts in the basement before starting the rest of my day. To start off with I put some finishing touches on an ATC for a swap with a pig theme. I had a lot of stuff to choose from to add pig elements. I like the way it turned out in the end. Initially I had started using some plates to add some paint texture elements to an atc which I liked but I think it stands well on its own and I didn’t want to add pigs to it. I will save that one for another opportunity, or maybe as a test for something larger. Pictures of both are below.

I also finished the fabric bowl I started a week or so ago. I added the trim around the top. It was regular fabric binding in white and I had painted it a few days ago to blend a little bit better with the fabric choices. Again the bowl is a little shallow and a little wobbly given the nature of how it was made, but a good little bowl for knick knacks, whatever happens to be lying around.

I also am including a picture of a swap I recently received. It was to fill a pencil bag and I got a few great little goodies, there was more than what is pictured including some notebooks but the little piggies are great and I love Little Miss and Mr Men stuff. I also love my fellow swappers 🙂

08-16-13 (4) 08-16-13 (2) 08-16-13 (3) 08-16-13 (6) 08-16-13 (5) 08-16-13 (8) 08-16-13 (1)

Yesterday I took to the late afternoon to craft away and looked to my Pinterest Crafticles Board for inspirations. After deciding that I didn’t want to get out a sewing machine or hand sew for that matter and eliminating like 1/2 the board I found 3 projects to play around with.

Project one: This pin showing you how to cut glass bottles. I’ve had this one for a while but never tried it, heard from people at work that it works. My dad had some glass tubes from work he wanted to cut into little bud vases so we tried it. Complete Bust for us! All we managed to do was light some cool fires. Not even a dent or scratch in the glass. Maybe they are too thick, or maybe my string wasn’t thick enough. Even tried with a rolled up tissue which made the best fire, but still got nothing.

Project two: This pin showing really cute fabric bowls made from fabric scraps. I did two, bowls one out of fabric scraps and one out of paper. The hardest part is making sure the right sides are facing out or in depending on which layer you are on. Once you soak the strips in the mixture it is hard to tell sometimes as a result some of mine is facing the wrong way. I started putting them all in face down in the mixture to try and keep it straight. My fabric one is taking longer to dry than over night, I had to add a little extra mod podge mixture this morning to stick down some loose spots. But it looks okay. I wish I had a deeper form to work with, I was using some paper bowls. I do have pictures of the paper one, finished with washi tap along the edge. Again its not a perfect bowl but a good little dish for whatever you have lying around.

Project three: This pin showing you how to melt plastic beads to make a cake stand. So I didn’t need a cake stand and I wanted to try this on a small scale before I wasted a ton of beads and possibly ruin a pan. I used a foil cupcake pan I still had lying around, and a plastic beading kit that has literally been in my possession for years, now being put to actual use! They melted just fine but I wish they were a bit flatter, and they look stellar, I used some of the clear beads too so they would have more transparent properties. Then I used scissors to trim some rogue edges, sandpaper to smooth it down, and a power drill to make some hole. So far I have a pair of earrings and a hanger for our fabulous dead tree in the back yard. Will probably use the rest for more hangers. I used stretchy cord wrapped in washi tape for the hanger.


The flowers blooming in our garden lately have me thinking about making more flowery sculptures. I need some clay though I am fresh out of fresh clay and only have the gunk to reconstitute at this point. Still have not got a firing in but will need to soon before back to school madness starts at work. I got in a few swaps before all that craziness starts including some ATC swaps. The one I have finished already is a Kawaii food with faces one, pictured below. One I still need to do is a pig one, which should be fun because I LOVE Pigs.  Check out the huge flower growing in our garden too. I swear they’ve grown an extra 6 inches since this photo was taken.

131_1603 131_1605 ILK food faces

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