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This past weekend was Mother’s Day which means it was also the annual Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Fair. Paul and I volunteered this year and got to see the fair for free. However, the weather was not in our favor. When we arrived for our volunteer shift it was pouring down rain, we got soaked on the short walk from our car to volunteer check-in. The whole fair is outside and in a field so you can imagine that the ground was pretty soggy. Once we checked in we got to be under a tent for a few hours and the rain let up a bit but did continue to drizzle throughout the day. Attendance was low because of the weather so when we did get to walk around there wasn’t much crowding in the booths. There was a ton of great art there from artists I did not remember from years past (although it has been a while since I went to this fair). One thing I noticed is a lo of people did not have cards, which is what i use a lot to remember the booths and write posts like these. This post would have been twice as long for sure. I even bought myself a little something this year. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.


Frederick Prescott – These sculptures were so large they would have fit right in with the rest of the sculpture park. They took up residence in a little corner booth spot but could not be contained by a booth! And the brightly colored paint jobs drew you in from many booths away. The piggy was my favorite, but the cacti ones on his website look awesome too.

Joel Pinkerton – Not very much on his website or facebook page, but there is a large picture of his whimsical robotic sculptures. Made of upcycled materials each little guy or gal has it’s own personality, no two are a like! When you are surrounded by them it’s like you are in a foreign land straight out of a children’s book.

Richard Kolb – This was the booth I bought a little piece from, my piece was a little yard stake with a flying pig on top. Again made from upcycled materials mostly car parts and some ceramic knobs and other stuff, and mostly animals. I have seen this work before represented as Yardbirds, but the business card now says Engine-New-Ity, it appears to be the same company though, although these sculptures are a bit more industrial than the Yardbirds ones.


Melvin McGee – Brightly colored cartoonish paintings filled this booth. Some original designs and some based on favorite characters like The Wizard of Oz or Frankenstien. What really made the booth popular was sound effect to go with some of the paintings. Its hard not to be drawn in to all this fun.

Vladimir Ovtcharov – I can’t not love a good pop surrealist painter, which is exactly what this booth was. Apparently the Ovtcharov’s show as a duo but this show appeared to just be Vladimir. Both of their collections can be viewed online and they are both great. I think I dig Vladimir a bit more for the pop punches though. You can really see the old school painting techniques mixed with modern ideas.

Brian J. Sullivan – American Image is the name of an upcoming exhibit from this artist, and it is the perfect way to describe them. Filled with bright colors and pop imagery some are comforting but some, just because of the proportions are almost scary, look at the one with Howdy Doody and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Karri Jamison – I love nature, and I also love bright bold colors, these paintings combine both. Some of the nature is otherworldy while some is very familiar. They are beautifully done with funky backgrounds that make them really stand out in a crowd.


Luis Gonzalez – I don’t know what it was about these, the size and color drew me in! Large fruits an vegetables make up the work made out of wood that are glossy and colorful enough to eat.

Kathy Oda – Super nice lady to talk to, and her work is a lot of fun. I have always had a soft spot for glass and want to try the kiln formed variety in the future. My favorite part of her collection are the little Splats. To some folks these might look like toss away pieces but they are so much fun, I can imagine a house with little Splats lazing about in various colors and sizes!

April Riley Tate – Just plain cute, no other way to describe it. These stuffed toys are simple and adorable. Also helps that they encourage cuddling of the stuffies! With your standard animal variety as well as bearded ladies and strongmen what is not to love.


Cindy Martin (Aldrich Valley Pottery) – I would have really liked to get one of these pieces as well, they were so great and priced kind of low. From what I could see they were all raku fired and each had it’s own individual flare. Some included horse hair and most included figurative elements of animals carefully sculpted and attached to the pieces. Very beautiful one of a kind work.

Hironobu Nishitateno (Nanten Pottery) – Tons of tiny little pots and vessels, very traditional but with some great glazes and unique features. The bud vases were adorable and there were so many different options and styles.

Reiko Cunningham – Last but not least, personally I love making sgraffito pottery, and you can tell Reiko does as well. Bunny rabbits seem to be a common theme which attracted lots of kids (and kids at heart) to this booth. Some of the carving were full scenes while in other areas a nice pattern. Great stuff all around.

For more info on Laumeier Sculpture park and next years Art Fair go here!


Tried to get in some more time in the studio today but the bad weather outside was harsh on my mood. I think I should have napped before hand. I did manage to clean up a bowl and add some texture and pattern with a Iron Slip which I think will pop once this is fired. Prefired colors are always pretty bland. I was trying to make some slab work things with different patterned sheets I have but the clay for the most part was too wet and wasn’t picking up the pattern well. The one I did get I draped over a brick to help keep a shape I wanted. Now its drying out a bit.

On a side note, my best friend who I have linked to here before is a great artist and I recently started setting him up a Society6 page where you can buy his work as high quality prints, t-shirts, phone cases, etc. Check Paul Lapusan out.

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I have been cleaning out my studio space lately which is good because I can actually find everything now and be more productive in it! Which will include making some more paper crafts for other swaps in the future, including a handmade postcard one I am hosting. I also am putting several things that have been just taking up space that I will never end up using in a donation box to take to a local place called Upcycle Exchange so others can use the supplies instead of them collecting dust. I will post pictures of my studio once I get everything organized and sorted out.

But now for the main part of this post. I am participating in a blog swap right now on Swap-bot, this one had 5 partners but I am posting more blogs than that because it was a little bit confusing when partners were assigned the way it was worded and I want to make sure everyone is getting shared 🙂 Also a few people I was assigned I could not find the link to their blog so sorry if I am missing people I will update or do a follow-up post if I get those links to share 🙂

FabricFriend– An avid crafter and swapper, fabric friend shares photos of her elegant crafts as well as some tutorials to follow along to.

VintageLoveandPhotographs– a more daily blog with lots of pictures, including adorable pug pups. Also crafts and thrift store finds.

The Inane and Insane Ramblings of Rose– There are a lot of series posts on this one as she takes part in multi-day or month projects. Lots of original art and pictures of swapped items.

BooksBowtiesandBallsofYarn– Straight from the author ” It’s kind of crazy–a mixture of crafting, reading, my life, fashion, and geeky stuff like Doctor Who”

Breaking the Eggs– A blog with a special interest in storytelling and performance art. Really enjoy seeing some different take on stuff here.

Thimble– Really great blog with some new craft ideas for me. And also pictures of mail that she is sending out which looks awesome!

Growing to Four – One word: Recipes! and some pretty delicious looking ones at that 🙂

New Wave Domesticity– Featuring more recipes and also some craft inspiration from a citizen of Portlandia!

That is all for now 🙂

Did another blog swap with some lovely folks, here are links to their blogs and a brief description of each one! Please check them out, I am sure they would appreciate it.

Homekeeping Heather & Uncurable Bookworm: two blogs run by the same person (who I am guessing is named Heather 😉 ). The first is a blog about the daily life or a homemaker and includes menu plans, tips for saving and ideas for things to do around the house. The second includes book reviews.

By Porch Light : I don’t like to play favorites, but , I kind of in love with this one! Lesley lives in Canada and has many great photos and cute things. recipes and funny posts. I even pinned some things from the blog.

Be Healthy, Well, & Inspired :  A blog from a nurse and life coach with tips for living and staying healthy. Even includes reviews of products you may have wanted to try. Also lots of photos of inspiring things.

Accident Waiting to Happen : Life blog, it is a foreign blog but does have an English version of posts under the original Lithuanian. This blogger describes is as a personal diary full of details in her own life, one where the pages cannot be torn out.

Kira’s Blog : Life blog from a mother with 3 young kids. She also knits/crochets and has pictures of some of the great little things she has made.


That is all for now!

Just a quick note!

I recently (as in last nite about the same time I was posting the last post) created an artist fan page for myself to advertise my art and blog and such on something besides my own personal profile on Facebook. I would appreciate it if you could take a look and “like” me and I’ll keep updating it with great images and info on shows I may be doing along the way. Here is the link!

Also I created one for my best friend who is also an artist. You may have seen some of his sculpture work on this blog but he does a lot of drawing as well. He would also appreciate some more fans and we are going to try to keep it updated with shows and pictures etc.  Here is that link!


Again it is time for me to promote some other blogs from a swap I am doing on swap-bot! This time it is only 5 partners but please check them out!

Crafting with Blue –  Great blog from a general crafter. She does a lot of scrapbooking and has examples and pictures of finished product. Updated quite frequently! There are even holiday pages and crafts for you to try out. Linked in with other bloggers too if you want to see how others handle similar projects.

Viridian Muse – Her last few posts have been promoting other bloggers, including myself! However, there is also some great crafts in here as well. She has some great little illustrations and also makes faeries. The blog includes pictures of finished work and work in progress. I really like the design style or her illustrations and paintings and the faeries are just darling.

Bone-needle –  A blogger who definitely has a focus in medieval arts and crafts. She seems to do a lot of fun fabric art. From needle-point to larger projects like dresses it is all great. Lots of photos of finished crafts as well as descriptions of process and critique of materials. She is also very good at script or calligraphy writing and the scroll work she does is fascinating.

Create to Feel Great – A blog all about the quest to creat at least one craft project a week! It seems to be in year three so it must be working. There are weekly posts about the project and other life musings as well as photos of the projects. There is a little bit of everything, paper projects, sewing projects, and painting. I like the sewing projects the best and might try some of my own.

B Positive B Free – In general a life blog. There are lots of positive inspiring words and stories to read about her own life. She is also a knitter who does some fabric arts and crafts with photos to show for it. Even the knitted messages are all about being positive which is a great view to have in this day and age. Well worth the read when you need to take a break for a while.


That is all for now! I recently went to a Pinterest party though and have some pictures of crafts that I made with some other friends. Coming soon!

I recently signed up for another blog swap on Swap-Bot and here are my partners for the swap. I enjoy seeing new blogs and hope that people stumbling upon this blog enjoy seeing some as well!

The Intentional Life– Life blog focusing on living life to its fullest, being creative, and having an Intentional Life.

Craftgecko Creation –  Another wordpress blog! This one focuses more on crafts, and boy are there lots of them!  There are tips and photos of works in progress and finished as well.

Crafty Hour –  Another great crafting blog with many different project, some focusing on sewing, which may give me some new projects to try out soon.

Unionvale Mom – Lots of paper crafts, friendship books, atcs etc. Also right now there is a list of blogs similar to this one with more blogs to check out.

Crafted – A facebook page and non-traditional blog, but still updated with photos and ideas.

Pink Stitches – If the name doesn’t tip you off, most of this blog is dedicated to sewing projects! Really fun cute sewing projects!

Those are all for now, I have been in over my head with work and lots of crafting time finishing up my rug and medallions but will update once I have more progress to show for all the time in my little hole of a craft space!

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