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We Came, We Saw, We Went Back Home

Posted on: April 22, 2015

I’ve been on quite the hiatus lately. But there is good cause, I moved! And then moved again. Back in August myself and my best buddy Paul (see side links to his artist profile) packed up my car with as much as it could carry and set off across country to Portland Oregon. Over 2,000 miles separated us from our current location and the future. We didn’t have jobs lined up, or even a place to stay, but we were determined. I was the sole driver on this journey which meant every once in a while I needed to rest my eyes. We spent 2 nights at rest stops and 2 nights at hotels but eventually arrived at our destination.

It was awesome arriving in Portland and seeing the city we had been talking about and accomplishing that part of the journey but it soon became ultra overwhelming! We had to make this work and find a source of income and a place to stay. After another night in the car and some more in hotels we did eventually find some more permanent lodgings as well as some semi-permanent jobs and we made it work. I’m pretty sure it still would be working but we had some family business to attend to at home and decided to once again pack everything we could into my little hatchback and once again drive the over 2,000 miles back to Saint Louis. It was even longer this time because I decided I wanted to explore the west coast some more before returning to the midwest.

But now we’re back! And while it has its ups and downs, one definite good thing is access to my studio and being able to start working on some new work. I also plan on writing a bit about our experience and will go into more detail on some of our adventures on this blog so stay tuned. In the mean time here is some of the play list of some of the road music we listened to on both trips.

The Muffs – Oh Nina and Lucky Guy

The Thermals – Here’s Your Future and Returning to the Fold

The Who – Tommy Soundtrack from Movie just the album, but seriously who doesn’t love Anne Margaret’s voice

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, for late night driving trying to stay awake this does the trick, because you can’t help but sing along.

NOFX – Bob and Nubs

Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack, Musicals are pretty popular in the car 

A small sampling of what we listened to, in addition to the hours of satellite radio!


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