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Posted on: September 8, 2013

I’ve been working on a few different things in the past week or so. One being some throwing. I was going back to watch some ceramic videos that I had seen before to try some different ways of doing things. One video was about creating curved designs in bowls from artist Martha Grover, which can be seen HERE from Ceramics Arts Daily. I do like making waves and curves in my pottery and thought I would try this method. She actually goes through the bottom of the vessel and then attaches another piece to create the ruffle along the bottom. I went through the bottom and created some curves on top, waiting for it to dry out a bit before I get to adding more pieces.

Another thing I have been playing with are my encaustics. I have been trying to get some newer ways to build up a base layer and some texture then adding the wax on top. I stopped playing with the one pictured below after I burned myself a bit on my arm.  I use a towel to pic up the cups of hot wax and pour them, but the towel end dripped into another cup and then slapped onto my arm. It’s a tiny burn but enough to make me pause on that for the time being.  Also as a friend said (and I agree with) it kind of looks like rainbow cat poo in a litter box.

I also finished a second piece in a painting on ceramic stuff I have been working on in my spare time for a while. It’s kind of a snake like piece that is going to end up going outside as part of our growing lawn art.

Wavy 9-4-13 (1) Wavy 9-4-13 (2) Enc 82713 Snake Painting 9-4-13 (1) Snake Painting 9-4-13 (2)


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