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Finishing some crafts

Posted on: August 16, 2013

Woke up to a headache caused by my little barking heathens/dogs. However, I decided to spend some time wrapping up some crafts in the basement before starting the rest of my day. To start off with I put some finishing touches on an ATC for a swap with a pig theme. I had a lot of stuff to choose from to add pig elements. I like the way it turned out in the end. Initially I had started using some plates to add some paint texture elements to an atc which I liked but I think it stands well on its own and I didn’t want to add pigs to it. I will save that one for another opportunity, or maybe as a test for something larger. Pictures of both are below.

I also finished the fabric bowl I started a week or so ago. I added the trim around the top. It was regular fabric binding in white and I had painted it a few days ago to blend a little bit better with the fabric choices. Again the bowl is a little shallow and a little wobbly given the nature of how it was made, but a good little bowl for knick knacks, whatever happens to be lying around.

I also am including a picture of a swap I recently received. It was to fill a pencil bag and I got a few great little goodies, there was more than what is pictured including some notebooks but the little piggies are great and I love Little Miss and Mr Men stuff. I also love my fellow swappers 🙂

08-16-13 (4) 08-16-13 (2) 08-16-13 (3) 08-16-13 (6) 08-16-13 (5) 08-16-13 (8) 08-16-13 (1)

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