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Studio day

Posted on: June 12, 2013

Spent pretty much all day in my studio today. So I have a few updates. m


Yesterday I started trying to reconstitute some clay from my toss bin. It was still too wet to play with today but I got quite a bit more moisture out of it and it should be ready to be thrown with by the end of the week I am sure. I also trimmed down a vessel. As it stands it would make for  a nice like luminary, or candle cover, but I may hold on to it then attach to something else later. I have several succulents/cacti that need to be replanted and since I cant find a suitable planter that I like for them I decided to throw one myself. Pictures below of what I threw today which I think should hold most of them.


Tried a new color scheme, still bright colors but not as neon for this one. Also was trying to use paper as a barrier to build the encaustic up more. The one pictured below is not done yet but I was getting some nice layering going and want to play with the idea more. May try it with maybe like vaselined/greased metal or something instead of paper because the paper tended to absorb the wax and stick to it.

Other Crafts:

Got out my sewing machine that has not been used pretty much since we bought it several years ago. I read thru the manual and got it going and practiced a few stitches on it, still need to handle the pedal better but it’s a start!

Also did some little paper craft I had sitting around for a while. They are foldable paper dolls you can print offline. The characters are from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Get your own here: Spaghett, Casey. You do need to print them on sturdy paper and have double sided tape or glue to hold them in place.


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