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Posted on: May 28, 2013

I have been cleaning out my studio space lately which is good because I can actually find everything now and be more productive in it! Which will include making some more paper crafts for other swaps in the future, including a handmade postcard one I am hosting. I also am putting several things that have been just taking up space that I will never end up using in a donation box to take to a local place called Upcycle Exchange so others can use the supplies instead of them collecting dust. I will post pictures of my studio once I get everything organized and sorted out.

But now for the main part of this post. I am participating in a blog swap right now on Swap-bot, this one had 5 partners but I am posting more blogs than that because it was a little bit confusing when partners were assigned the way it was worded and I want to make sure everyone is getting shared πŸ™‚ Also a few people I was assigned I could not find the link to their blog so sorry if I am missing people I will update or do a follow-up post if I get those links to share πŸ™‚

FabricFriend– An avid crafter and swapper, fabric friend shares photos of her elegant crafts as well as some tutorials to follow along to.

VintageLoveandPhotographs– a more daily blog with lots of pictures, including adorable pug pups. Also crafts and thrift store finds.

The Inane and Insane Ramblings of Rose– There are a lot of series posts on this one as she takes part in multi-day or month projects. Lots of original art and pictures of swapped items.

BooksBowtiesandBallsofYarn– Straight from the author ”Β It’s kind of crazy–a mixture of crafting, reading, my life, fashion, and geeky stuff like Doctor Who”

Breaking the Eggs– A blog with a special interest in storytelling and performance art. Really enjoy seeing some different take on stuff here.

Thimble– Really great blog with some new craft ideas for me. And also pictures of mail that she is sending out which looks awesome!

Growing to Four – One word: Recipes! and some pretty delicious looking ones at that πŸ™‚

New Wave Domesticity– Featuring more recipes and also some craft inspiration from a citizen of Portlandia!

That is all for now πŸ™‚


2 Responses to "Blog Swapping!"

Such a lovely link xx

thanks for linking my blog!

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