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Throwing Mountains long overdue

Posted on: April 9, 2013

This is a long overdue post about the group show I was in with several different artists I know. The show had an opening on Feb 1st, and a small closing Feb 22nd. It went well and we had several people come out for it. Everyone had a nice selection of their work represented and it ranged from charcoal, pen and ink, printmaking, ceramic, photography, and paintings. Had a small issue when setting up, a box was dropped and a piece broke 😦 I glued it together and painted over it with some bronze paint and the cracks were barely noticeable. But the speckled clay body looked so good it was a shame to see it go. Not sure if I personally would choose that venue again to show my own artwork. While the goings on downstairs do get people in the door it was sometimes a little distracting to the upstairs space. It is increasingly hard to find a venue that wants 3-d work since most spaces are used for other things too, ie concert venues, yoga studios, event rentals, etc. I have some other updates to do soon, but wanted to get this one done. I have included some pictures of my artwork on display in the space. Hopefully we can get another show together soon.

Since I am selfish, I did not take a lot of pictures of other folks work. But I am including links to some of their stuff so you can see it.

Tom Cline – Lots and lots and lots of prints. Pretty sure Tom does printmaking more often than breathing.

Joanne Rohe – Link is for her shop on Etsy which includes a lot of handmade books, but she also paints and draws.

Greg Griesenauer – There is a disclaimer on this site, which makes it more fun I think. Featured paintings in the show.

Derek Grimm – What’s that coming over the hill, is it a Monster!? Is it a Monster?! If you are looking at Derek’s art, it probably is.

Christy Combs – Photographer mostly, but also did some mixed media art relating to typography.

Hailey Francis – Currently just this Etsy page with her handmade bags, but expect bigger things from her in the future.

There were 3 other artists, but they do not have websites for their artwork, at least not that I can find. If that changes I will update!

Show 2-1-13 (20) Show 2-1-13 (18) Show 2-1-13 (16) Show 2-1-13 (12) Show 2-1-13 (10) Show 2-1-13 (7)


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