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Columbia, MO

Posted on: October 1, 2012

Recently took a little day trip into Columbia, MO and was surprised by the art district there. They have lots of small galleries, and shops selling art and craft items from around the area. It seemed like a nice pleasant area of town. We visited a few places and I got some business cards with links that I’d like to share.

The district itself is called the North Village Arts District and settles in between Mizzou and Columbia College. There are seven galleries, many working artist studios, public art, and several other small businesses. The weather was perfect for strolling around and getting lost in this little area, and all of the shopkeepers were pleasant and helpful. This area also has a 1st Friday event like a lot of art places do now which would be fun to check out.

What was probably my favorite find in the town was a place called Artlandish Gallery. When entering it seems like a nice little consignment shop with several different artists works. Then the shopkeeper asks if you have been downstairs!? Downstairs… sure let’s check it out. The downstairs are an expansive space with a few hallways lined with spaces for art work. Some of the artists themselves spend time down there and are happy to greet you, others leave behind a card. There was literally every type of art you can think of, painting, photography, ceramics, jewelry, wood turning, felting, needle craft  etc. And even one hallway lined with larger art pieces like a gallery. This was a great find and I am glad we got to spend an hour or so exploring it.

Here are some links to some of the artists we enjoyed in this space.

Andrea Youngman – Fun paintings on wood

Lynn Woodward – Ceramicist after my own heart, with a sign demanding people to touch her pottery 🙂

Squarepeg Pottery – More ceramics!

Lawrence L’hote – Nice Stuff Made From Trash

Sarah Goodnow – Artist and Illustrator

River Village Fiber Arts – Fun felted sculptures


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