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Views from Kansas City

Posted on: May 19, 2012

Recently myself and a couple of friends took a little weekend trip to Kansas City. I had never been but had hearing for a while that their art scene was really growing and a great place to see some great artwork. All three of us are artists with different focuses but there was definitely something for everyone. We spent much of our time at the Nelson Atkins museum and the sculpture garden outside, which in itself filled most of 2 days. I would really like to go again for a longer period of time and on a first friday when a lot of the smaller studios and galleries open their doors for the public. I was really glad to see that much like the Saint Louis Art Museum the Nelson Atkins also offers free entry.

I was excited to see a Rodin exhibit on display as he is one of my favorite artists. The only downside about seeing sculpture I like in a gallery setting is not being allowed to touch it! I crave feeling the textures of a piece but a las just seeing these casts were enough I suppose. We saw a little bit of everything in the museum from religious art over the centuries, to Native American art, to ancient Asian art. I have included some pictures of my favorites. I would definitely¬†recommend a trip to KC it was a fun time and we’ll definitely be going back.

I will try to keep these in order, however do not have titles for all of them.

  1. Clenched Left Hand with Figure – Auguste Rodin
  2. Three Shades – Auguste Rodin
  3. The Penitent St. Jerome – Antonio d’Enrico
  4. Fall of Rebel Angels —
  5. Fall of Rebel Angels (detail)
  6. Cute little teapot with a leaf on it (love the glaze and design)
  7. Altarpiece: Scenes from the Life of Christ – Flanders
  8. Seated image of Buddha Shaka
  9. The Chariot – Alberto Giacometti
  10. Spider Sculpture -Louise Bourgeois
  11. Shuttlecocks outside Nelson Atkins Museum
  12. Other Sculptures outside Nelson Atkins

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