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Laumeier Art Fair Recap!

Posted on: May 15, 2012

This past weekend was the Laumeier Art Fair which is an event I have been going to for years. While still in school I had my work featured in a student booth there and some of my friends had work shown as well. This was the first time I was there not as a volunteer or viewing friends work.  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the fair and it was just as crowded as ever. I really enjoy the park and the food and live music but this post is going to focus on some of my favorite artists (Spoiler, they are ALL 3d artists)


Karen Bell – Super lifelike sculpture of the not so cute and cuddly type of animals. Lots of lizards, and turtles, and bats oh my! These sculptures which are sometimes by themselves and other times on vessels or other objects look like they could leap or walk right off the pedestals. The color and texture she uses all add to some great pieces.

Terry Habeger – From a distance some of this work appears to be a blocky painting, but they are in fact ceramic sculptures. The bright bold colors instantly draw you in and then you just stare in amazement at the angles and how smooth everything is the wat these sculptures jut out of the wall and reach for you. I believe Terry exhibited here last year too and I was still just as fascinated.

Jimmy Liu –  Fun, whimsical, yet functional teapots were what was mostly on display here, although his website shows many other offerings. There is some great realistic sculpting of animals and some cute little faces that would make any of these pots fun in the home.


Craig Lossing– Could not find his website, or the one I found didn’t seem to be working, but this site does have some of his work shown. Really enjoyed his wood coloring and how fine he could trim the wood down to. I bought a small spinning top from his booth and continue to play with it at any chance I get.

Steven Spiro – Amazing wooden table and chairs. The wavy lines that make up the supports are so much fun to look at and explore. It looks like a little living world under a seemingly normal table top. Each piece is totally unique, could spend a lot of time here.


Stephen Rich Nelson– My friend described some of these elaborate forms as teapots you might find at the Mad Hatter’s table in Alice in Wonderland. There are definitely lots of bright colors and fun whimsical stacked forms. They also have some simpler although just as bright little sculptures like pumpkins and pears.

Mixed Media

Eric and Karen Shi – Okay so this one is actually 2d, weird I know. But they were truly fascinating. The works go by the name Embroidery Wonders, and is just that. From a far it looks just like naturalistic paintings or photographs, but when you get up close you start to see each little thread making up these works. They are little wonders and really amazing. I could not find a website or much internet coverage of these works, so might take some more research.


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