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Posted on: April 18, 2012

Did another blog swap with some lovely folks, here are links to their blogs and a brief description of each one! Please check them out, I am sure they would appreciate it.

Homekeeping Heather & Uncurable Bookworm: two blogs run by the same person (who I am guessing is named Heather 😉 ). The first is a blog about the daily life or a homemaker and includes menu plans, tips for saving and ideas for things to do around the house. The second includes book reviews.

By Porch Light : I don’t like to play favorites, but , I kind of in love with this one! Lesley lives in Canada and has many great photos and cute things. recipes and funny posts. I even pinned some things from the blog.

Be Healthy, Well, & Inspired :  A blog from a nurse and life coach with tips for living and staying healthy. Even includes reviews of products you may have wanted to try. Also lots of photos of inspiring things.

Accident Waiting to Happen : Life blog, it is a foreign blog but does have an English version of posts under the original Lithuanian. This blogger describes is as a personal diary full of details in her own life, one where the pages cannot be torn out.

Kira’s Blog : Life blog from a mother with 3 young kids. She also knits/crochets and has pictures of some of the great little things she has made.


That is all for now!


2 Responses to "Other blogs to read"

EEK! Thank you SO much for listing me here!!!! Gonna go take a peak around your blog now 🙂 PS – I’m about to post some very cool pics of beautiful St John’s and icebergs soon.

Thank you for sharing this array of lovely blogs. It is always so lovely to make new friends through blogging and discover and meet new people isn’t it. I’m very grateful to have stopped by through the ‘Check out my blog’ swap. I also hearted your shop on Etsy and wish you well in all that you do and your shop. x

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