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Posted on: March 6, 2012

As I breifly mentioned in my last post I recently attended a pinterest party. What is a pinterest party you may ask?! Well, a group of ladies (I guess men could join, but as my guy friend said “that sounds like the girliest thing ever”) some of which I work with and others who I met for the first time there, got together and each made a recipe from pinterest. While we eat all this delish food we also craft with tutorials or ideas also from, you guessed it Pinterest. We are planning on making this a monthly thing so there may be posts with future pinterest party creations in the future. 🙂

I made some BBQ Chicken Calzones with this recipe, only I added peanuts, it had a really Thai flavor to it. I also made some cute little owls with this pin! The one I made at the party was kind of small so I made a larger one later.

Here are some pictures of the creations!


1 Response to "Hoot"

Wow! Your Pinterest party sounds like fun! I wonder if I could set up a party like that…hmmmm…
Your calzones look so good. I love your little owl too. So sweet.

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