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Posted on: February 13, 2012

I made a new batch of thrown pottery the other day that I am practicing some pattern making on. Some of it is wheel thrown that I have put pieces  of lace and ribbon on the impress a delicate pattern. So far these have not been coming out as I would hope, but they are working somewhat. Just a bit more practice in application and it will hopefully look cleaner.

The other one are rolled slabs that are cut in various shapes I may use as ring catchers or little plates. There is also some lace and ribbon on these, as well as some sea shells and other materials. It has been some fun experimenting to see what different things will do.

Lastly I have also been working on a drawing a new pattern I filled up more of a page, but have a tiny picture of what it will look like. I am thinking of doing it on the larger thrown piece in the photo with some yellow slip.


5 Responses to "Patterns"

I’ve always found it incredibly hard to put lace patterns onto thrown vessels. Either I distorted the shape or didn’t get it impressed enough for it to be visible. How did you do it?

While the vessel was still being thrown on the wheel after i got it how I wanted it. i cut a strip of the lace and slowly spinned the wheel while pressing the lace around.I continued to pinch around and rub over the lace a few times while the wheel rotated. I let the vessel dry with the lace on it and trimmed the bottom with the lace still attached. then removed it.

Those are so pretty! I love all the intricate designs!
PS: I’m kawaiicupcakes from swapbot for the Check out my blog swap!

So pretty! I love all the intricate designs!
PS: I’m kawaiicupcakes from swapbot for the Check out my blog swap!

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