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More postcards

Posted on: February 7, 2012

I made some more postcards. This time based on television shows. I used Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job for one and Parks and Recreation for the other. They are okay but I wish I had some better paper to collage with I need to get some more magazines to cut from. The T&E one kind of blends together, but came out better than I expected going in. I really like the background on the Parks and Recreation one. I used packing tape to seal them which also helped flatten them out.

Now I have a couple of days off so I am going to go down into my dungeon and work on some more swap crafts and of course working on some ceramic stuff. We brought some larger sculptures that myself and my friend had still been working on in the school studio over to my dungeon so we can work on them here. It is becoming a regular studio! Updates coming soon.


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