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New rings to ring in the new year

Posted on: January 11, 2012

Awhile back I found this video on youtube and thought it looked like an interesting technique to try. I got the Tacky Glue weeks ago but just hadn’t had time to make anything of it. Last week I made some little forms with some white sculpey I had lying around and did the technique shown in the video which is super simple.  The video shows them using some forms made with a casting product, but I just handmade some little gem like shapes with the white sculpey and baked it. I used the same burning technique with a normal candle. I painted them with some Jacquard Lumiere, Dynaflow, and Pearlex I had. They are marketed more for fabric but work on other surfaces. My favorite it the ball shape that came out pinkish purple. Look at the photos below. Not sure yet, if I will sell these or keep them/give them to friends. I still have some ring blanks to use for ceramic rings!

Secondly I worked a bit on the wheel today and have some pictures of the pieces. The large bowl is the best, but I may use the other two pieces in an attached together piece. Also I had a day to unpack all my boxed up ceramics pieces, and put them on shelves. The bottom shelf is 2011 work, (and will have 2012 soon), the middle shelf is 2009-2010, and the top is older work. Clearly I need more shelves 🙂


1 Response to "New rings to ring in the new year"

I am envious of your storage space for your pottery! The rings turned out nicely. A bit big for my taste, but lovely colors and textures!

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