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End of the year wrap up

Posted on: January 4, 2012

We are already a few days into the new year, but I still have some things that never got put up from last year. These are some random things that didn’t fit in with other posts or I didn’t have time to make a separate post for.

First off I made another Christmas stocking this year, this time for my best friend. He came with me to the fabric store and picked out some fabric himself. I still have enough to make another stocking and may do so before next Christmas. It has Rudolph licensed fabric on the outside and some swirly beige fabric on the inside.

Second are some pictures of the first items to be made on my at home wheel. I made one bowl, a curvy vessel, and 5 little off the hump things which may be used as teabowls. They have all been trimmed and are now just awaiting being fired.

For the new year expect to see a lot more sewing projects and items made in my in home studio as I continue to expand it. I have a heap of fabric just waiting to be used and plan on making a purse with it I have already made one bag, which I actually do not think I ever photographed! Save that for the next wrap up post I guess 🙂 I also am planning on making more jewelry and expanding to more than earrings. Happy New Year! I look forward to hearing from you guys in 2012.


2 Responses to "End of the year wrap up"

what a busy life you have!! With 2 young children and a teaching job, i rarely get a chance to get creative anymore, however for the New Year I’ve decided to do something about it! I’m actually going to run an afterschool club so I can get children involved too (not forgetting the use of the kiln, screenprinting frames…..)
Thank you for sharing
ellabellaboo from swapbot

You do pottery? That is impressive! I’ve barely begun to master a sewing machine.I also checked out your Etsy store, you have some really gorgeous stuff. I’ll definitely be continuing to check out your products.
From Vallyncia at Swapbot.

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