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There is a wheel in my basement!

Posted on: December 22, 2011

Yes it is true I finally saved up enough to afford a wheel and my parents helped a bit as part of Christmas, and I still have money to spare! I ended up getting a Shimpo VL Whisper, which does make me feel quite traitorous, since I have used Brent for much of my 9 years working in ceramics. But… the Shimpos are soooo quiet, and I got it as part of decent sale. Also from what I have heard from some former teachers, the Shimpos hold up a bit better over time. the one thing that does irritate me about them though is how stark white the tops are, they got instantly dirty and never look clean afterwards. Especially since the clay I got to play with is brown.  I got mine at a local pottery shop called Krueger Pottery, that you can also access online. Next purchase is a Giffin Grip for sure!

Speaking of, I got a new clay body as part of my gifts with purchase. I chose this one because it has a nice speckle when fired, it is also a tan colour. Working with a new clay body is fun but I kind of cut into it a bit much on my first piece when trimming the bottom on the wheel. It was just so smooth. Anyway I am going to go play with the wheel some more, the first pieces I threw should be ready for a trimming!


2 Responses to "There is a wheel in my basement!"

Oh, what a lucky woman! Just remember not to dump your slops in the sink unless you’ve installed a clay/grease trap…. I look forward to seeing your fired pieces.

My local supplier used to carry a tan clay with speckles and I loved it, but it was anything but soft. Lots of grog in it. Oh, I miss my days of being able to throw.

Oh what a nice present. I have always wanted to learn to work with clay doesnt seem to be any courses in my new local area though. Sad. Ah well Congratson your purchase.

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