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Posted on: December 14, 2011

 DeidreArt from Swap-bot (Gain Readers and Comments Swap)

Have another blog swap over at swap-bot this time with 12 partners. In no particular order, here are the blog partners I was assigned along with links to their blogs for everyone to enjoy!

Crafting with Blue – definitely a crafters blog! Lots of great images of crafts with detail on how it was done and different ideas. Also participates in a blog hop, which I do not know much about but am intrigued!

Sanity’s Overrated / Views from the Readers Side – This blogger has 2 blogs! I couldn’t resist taking a peek at them both. Sanity’s Overrated is an everyday life blog full of fun little anecdotes and reviews. Views from the Readers Side is a reading blog and has many reviews of different books. Great if you are looking for something to read.

maggiemark – a relatively newer blog with a few posts with some different crafts included.

miseducated – For sure a girly girl blog, just the way I like it! Lots of pink and cuteness and fun. Crafts and other stuff with a kitschy girly flair. Definitely got a few ideas to try myself, this blog makes me smile a lot,

smilernbp – Life blog from a mom of three. Fun little anecdotes and great kid stories.

Glory’s Mischief – Life and craft blog. Lots and lots of craft ideas complete with some instruction, pictures, and links. Also life stories, check out the elf sightings!   

Buddhatropolis – Blog mainly focusing on yoga and the buddhist lifestyle. Has inspirational images and messages.

Patricia’s Fabric Art – Craft blog with pictures of her craft. A lot of little art dolls and other creations for your viewing pleasure.

Where’s the Mommy – Cute little blog written from the point of view of a cat, I am not a cat person but the blog was still cute. Imagine though if it was written from a dogs point of view!

Hot Pink Gesso and Signo = Creative Flow – Creative blog with some mail art postings as well as other swap crafts and much more 🙂

52 Weeks of Mail – Posts featuring different mailart for each week! All from the hands of one very crafty person.

KNClodge – Craft blog full of lots of paper crafting, ATCs, mailart, and much  more. Very beautiful work and some great ideas for yu as well.

Hope you enjoy looking at these blogs! I’m sure I will have more swaps in the future. I should post tomorrow if I have time about the recent sale I was a part of and also some new pictures.

2 Responses to "Blog Swapping Blogs!"

Thanks so much for the shout-out for my blogs. I’m glad you checked out both of them – I wasn’t sure which would interest people more. 🙂 I’m hoping to do a lot more posting to both blogs in 2012!

— Amber (PisceanMama for the Gain Blog Readers swap on Swap-Bot)

love your list and that i am the first one. blog hops are easy , fun and you can win great prizes, i love them.

your blog is a great one too. thanks for sharing with me.

Gain Blog Readers and Comments – bluecrayons

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