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Trying to make it swirl

Posted on: November 7, 2011

For the past couple years I have been working a lot with low fire clays, white and red mostly. Lately however, I have been really intrigued with the idea of mixing them together to get a kinda of marbled or swirled pattern. The last couple studio outings I have been trying some stuff out on the wheel and with slabs.

The slabs seem to be working a bit more and can be seen in the slouchy piece, which also has a impressed pattern in it. I am thinking I might make some larger similar pieces, this is just a practice. I want to see it fired before any more experiments because while now it looks pretty dull, both the red and white/grey. When fired they will both be brighter, a stark white against a bright orange red.

The wheel has not been working as well in this venture. The red just seems to takeover resulting in a greying red color throughout most of the piece. I did play around with digging into one of the thrown pieces to expose some of the grey/white underneath, again once fired it will have a totally different look.

Also I have a picture of the carving work I have been doing on one of th smaller vessels featured in the last post. The larger holes go all the way thru so it can be used as a candle holder.

2 Responses to "Trying to make it swirl"

Lovely! Having done some colorwork in clay, I agree that the wheel isn’t the place to do it, unless you’re willing to make it way thick, and then trim (and trim, and trim) until you get to the unsmeared layers. I used to work at a studio where we had buckets of ‘mutt’ clay, which was great for random colorwork. Of course the clays had variations in shrinkage rates, which made everything interesting 😉

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Yea the one I did the trimming on has some nice little lines on it, I will have to get some photos taken soon, may not be untl after the holidays.

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