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Photos of jewelry!

Posted on: April 14, 2011

Finally have some more finished jewelry product to share. I have a handful of new earrings, some still needing photos, but it was time to share! I also have a few new rings. The pendants are a different story. The first batch have holes that are probably way to small to put on much of anything. The second batch I think are good but I need to find some cord to at least photograph them with even if I am not going to sell them with cords. Pictures below! Be on the lookout for some of these items in my etsy shop as I am listing them periodically!

Lately I have not started another large crafting project, although I would love to do another rug. The free time I have dedicated to art has been mainly focused on completing a commissioned assignment. The medals I have been working on are thankfully almost done, last bit is going into the fire this weekend, then a major glaze session and done! Right in time for them to be used at the beginning of May. The necklace part for them has come in as well, and the blue of it will look smashing next to the blue of the medals! I will have pictures of the completed stuff soon (they needed to order larger jump rings to accommodate the ceramic medals.

Last little bit is that I have been accepted into one fair over the summer already, more details to come. So we will be dragging out the tent again this year! It will be in a different part of town, and at an art influenced fair instead of a farmer market so hopefully everything goes well.

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