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Posted on: March 27, 2011

While I have been working on a rather large task of making some 40 medallions I have not had a lot of other time to devote to clay work. Also stuff I had been working on before has been waiting patiently to be fired, anywho what this means is a lull in the amount of ceramic clay work I have been producing. However, I still try to keep my days interesting and craft a bit here and there when I have been working on the medals too long or just need a break! I have a few projects I have completed recently to show, and as the title of this post shows, my dog has been taking use of them.

Firstly I finished off my first rag rug and it looks and feels great! It is sitting in someone else’s room which is fine as I plan on making more, but I have caught my little pupperton on more than one occasion in the morning sprawled across it totally knocked out . I have some pictures on the finished rug, which I tried to keep mostly, pink, blue, and grey. I also tried to snag a few shots of the sleeping baby but it was a tad bit dark, I am sure I will catch her again at some point.  Also I may have mentioned this in the previous post mentioning the rag rug, but this is the guide I was using to make it.

The other project I worked on all day yesterday while it was snowing was a dog toy for my little girl. I found some squeakers on etsy a while back and finally put one to use. I made a funny little silly face and she has been playing with it today. It is kind of like some of the Willy toys she likes, which at just little odd shapes with a face painted on, only I sewed on a face and collar. It’s what Buddy would look like if she was pink!


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