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Posted on: March 10, 2011

I recently signed up for another blog swap on Swap-Bot and here are my partners for the swap. I enjoy seeing new blogs and hope that people stumbling upon this blog enjoy seeing some as well!

The Intentional Life– Life blog focusing on living life to its fullest, being creative, and having an Intentional Life.

Craftgecko Creation –  Another wordpress blog! This one focuses more on crafts, and boy are there lots of them!  There are tips and photos of works in progress and finished as well.

Crafty Hour –  Another great crafting blog with many different project, some focusing on sewing, which may give me some new projects to try out soon.

Unionvale Mom – Lots of paper crafts, friendship books, atcs etc. Also right now there is a list of blogs similar to this one with more blogs to check out.

Crafted – A facebook page and non-traditional blog, but still updated with photos and ideas.

Pink Stitches – If the name doesn’t tip you off, most of this blog is dedicated to sewing projects! Really fun cute sewing projects!

Those are all for now, I have been in over my head with work and lots of crafting time finishing up my rug and medallions but will update once I have more progress to show for all the time in my little hole of a craft space!


4 Responses to "More swapping blogs"

Hi!! This is Bonnie (Pink Stitches from sb). I received your sweet comment but I don’t know your screen name on swapbot! Please let me know what is it 🙂 Thank you for mentioning me in your blog 🙂

Hi, Thanks for visiting, I must have forgotten to include that on the comment. I am Deidreart on swap-bot.

hi its glendas from swapbot for the blog swap and I have really enjoy reading and looking at your blog. thank you hugs glenda.

love your blog you’re so talented -your ceramics and jewellery are lovely I would love to try it but I imagine it works out very expensive -blackbird 4 from swapbot-gain blog r and c

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