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Fire of glaze and new jewelry

Posted on: February 20, 2011

I got some earring posts and some more jewelry made. One small batch is ready to go through the glaze fire now so soon maybe by the end of the month I will have a brand new product to show off, Clay Jewelry!! I also made a larger batch of stuff that is ready for the first round of firings. So far I have made a few rings, which hopefully will still fit one of my fingers after firing, some earrings to go on posts, and some pendants. I am still looking for some good premade cord necklaces for the pendants. I am fearful though that I may have made some of the loops too small on the first batch of pendants, hopefully they will still be okay for some sort of cord. I also made a new kind of plate to hold jewelry and whatnot all of which can be seen in the photos.

Now I am working on a couple other projects, not ready for sharing just yet. However, I also got some freshly glazed stuff out this past week and have already begun listing some of it on etsy. This includes the pitcher that belongs to this set and a small pink polka dotted blue bowl. I will have to redo the lid to the aqua jar as it had some problems with the slip cracking in the first firing and then the glossy coat of glaze did not help matters. Everything else should be up soon.

Here are some photos of the finished glazed stuff and the in progress jewelry.

4 Responses to "Fire of glaze and new jewelry"

Very nice! I like the blue pottery and the fleur de lis.

Ceramics is a medium I’ve always been curious about but never tried. I guess it is because the start up supplies are so expensive. One can’t just go to Michael’s and buy a beginning ceramicist kit for $50!

I’m your partner for the craft blog swap on swap-bot!

Karis/ sparklebluefaery on swap-bot

It can be hard especially if you do not have a large workspace. I have a ton of tools in my locker, but for the most part use only a handful for most projects. You get attached to certain ones and keep going back to them.

I like those pots a lot 🙂

silvermoonsnake @ swap-bot

I like these items. Can’t believe, you have made them yourself.

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