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Step 1 complete

Posted on: February 9, 2011

Got some pieces out of the kiln ready for glazing this past week. Hopefully they will be finished glazing this week so new listings can start! I also started make some jewelery pieces to start a whole new section of my shop soon. Some small pieces to attach to earring posts and some items to be used as pendants. It’s a small amount so far, but if it all works out I am willing and ready to make more.

Here are some photos of the work as it came of the kiln, really showing that striking white that a firing will do to the low fire white clay. The smaller jewelry pieces are the same clay body pre-firing and are so grey.


3 Responses to "Step 1 complete"

I’ve always been fascinated with pottery and wish I could learn that art. I have seen some amazing clay jewelry….good luck in that new endeavor!

Your own kiln….You are very lucky! Your work looks awesome. amdewitt from swapbot

Thank you, I actually still use the kiln of a local college, but hopefully will be getting my own sometime in the near future. I want my own wheel first though!

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