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Things that have lids

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Empty studios are really the best kind of studios. Just me and the clay and some music, great times.

Anywho I threw some new pieces on the wheel recently. All of them fairly good size. The first was a pitcher which I am thinking about adding to my little sake set, although it may be too large for them. It still needs a handle and a trim on the bottom and might just work as a stand alone pitcher by itself.

The other two items are going to be lidded jars, and already have there lids! I still have pictures to take of everything trimmed up, and of course when they are finished.  Both of them will be covered in coloured slip and then carved into with different patterns. You can see some of my sketches for the patterns in come of the photos. One is some more squiggly lines, the other is more like bubbles floating about. More sketches may need to be made though. I have already coloured them (but no pictures of that yet) one is a light blue, and the other is a grey black. I am hoping to get a lot of stuff done soon and am thinking about doing another market in the summer.

Here are the photos of the three itmes in early progress.

Also on a side note, my stacked heart plate With Fingers Crossed There Will Be Love was featured in 2 more treasuries. The first, Key to My Heart by cathot. The second treasury is full of other sellers in a Buy and Stay forum thread that I participate in on Etsy,  curated by craftheart.


1 Response to "Things that have lids"

You did an amazing job,I would have never been able to make something so beautiful I am horrible when it comes to clay. Keep up the great work I would love to see more.

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