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Back in the Studio

Posted on: November 14, 2010

After a bit of a break from being able to get into the studio when I wanted to, I have been heading back more regularly.

I have thrown another round of teabowls, these ones to looks more like a certain one that I swapped with someone who would like another. I think a couple of them just might work. It is hard for me to force the clay into something as I am usually more natural with it, but I think based on the pictures I have of the other one, and how I remember it that a couple of the ones I have recently thrown and trimmed will work out well.  I have included pictures of the last batch of teabowls below.

I have also been sketching out some shapes for a new large slab/coil sculpture. I want to play with some ideas of openess, in the form of some open and closed off holes in the piece, a larger opening encircling a smaller one, etc. This will be a good project in the coming months when the studio is more empty and I can have the whole place to myself 🙂 I am selfish a bit when it comes to the studio 😉

There is also another carving project I have been working on that is turning out nicely, but I would like to get more carved away before photographing it. A few finished projects should be on etsy soon so keep checking!

Here is one of the playlists I listened to the other day in the studio

Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls go Everywhere) – Meatloaf
Dig – Incubus
Hate (I Really Don’t Like You) – Plain White T’s
Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic) – Motion City Soundtrack
Simple Kind of Life – No Doubt
Halloween Americana- Everclear
L.G. Fuad – Motion City Soundtrack
The Modern Age – The Strokes
In Da Club – 50 Cent
Black and White People – Matchbox Twenty
I’m So Crazy – Adam Richman
These Streets – Paolo Nutini
The Click – Good Charlotte
Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You – Cute is What weAim For
Stand Too Close – Motion City Soundtrack
Vultures – John Mayer
Capital H – Motion City Soundtrack
In the End – Linkin Park
(apparently it was a Motion City kind of day)

and the pictures of the teabowls.


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Enjoyed reading this, will check back soon!

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