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Clayton Art Fair – My Favorites Pt. 2

Posted on: September 20, 2010

This is the second post about my favorites at the Clayton Art Fair, there were so many good ones, see the previous post for more. This next part starts with glass work, which I have to say I am very envious of. I want to work with glass really badly, but have not had the chance to enroll in a class for it. Third Degree Glass Factory is nearby and I have gone to several of their events and would love to learn glasswork or incorporate it in ceramic work, but that is a story for another day.

Here are more of my favorites. Also I had mentioned before ones that were award winners in the previous post, but I kind of only remember the ceramic winners, so some of the other artists may be winners as well, I just have a one track mind 🙂

Robinson Scott – Love the colour in these pieces. They look like lava lamps. The website has a video of the process used to make these vessels. Seeing these in the bright Sunday afternoon was great as well as we got to see the awesome multi-colour reflections. The forms have a lot of movement even for the thick blockiness of the glass and the colour swatches. Very mod and funky.

Sam Stang – A Missouri artist, not far from Saint Louis, in Augusta, MO. Some of the best glass I have seen in a while. I bought a magnet from Sam and had a serous eye on a small pitcher. More bright colours and smooth forms. I adore the works that look woven in a way there is clear glass peeking out through the colour. Makes for some really interesting shadows, but probably look awesome in the dark as well!

Frederick Warren – I just have to first give a lot of ❤ to Frederick Warren, I love going to his booth and seeing the “Please Touch” sign! The glass is not as brightly coloured as I usually like, but the frosted opaque look to is is deinfitely interesting. The earthtones really work well with the patterns and movement of the pieces.

Juli Adams – Great surrealist painter. I am not always the biggest fan of 2-d art, but I really like newer surrealist stuff. Juli also had the honour of getting some of her images on the Volunteer and Art Fair t-shirts this year, so I have 3 awesome shirts with her work on it. I can’t stop myself from staring at her website. The subjects in the painting vary and each has it’s own interesting quirk, I particularly like the fish like creatures flying thru the sky.

Joachim Knill – For this booth, Joachim displayed a shipping crate that was filled with stuffed animals, well actually portraits of stuffed animals. I really liked the painting style as well as the display itself, it was something different. The paintings were a bit dark and lonely, which is not something you usually think of when you are talking about stuffed animals.

Lewis Tardy – Great sculptures that for the most part were very large. Everything looks so flawless, like you are looking at robots from the future, or the movies. Some of them actually incorporate cameras and when looking at the sides of the head, you can see what the head is seeing. Really something to see and experience.

C.T. Whitehouse – Another booth that I go by every year, or at least the past two years 🙂 I really enjoy these bronze sculptures and the way Whitehouse makes them seem almost weightless. The bronze is s thin, and the waves and movement of the pieces so slight, they look like feathers or leaves that could just take off in the next gust of wind.

Alright. That concludes my faovrites of the Saint Louis/Clayton Art Fair. Hopefully I can go enjoy it again next year, although I think I might take a day to go visit the competing Schlafly Art Fair, I have not had the chance to before. Heres to all the exhibiting artists and to more fairs and shows in the future for me to visit!


2 Responses to "Clayton Art Fair – My Favorites Pt. 2"

What a fabulous trip into the world of sculpture, wow! Thanks for the guided tour!

Thanx so much for introducing me to some of these amazing artists.

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