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More Blogs to Watch

Posted on: September 15, 2010

Currently in another blog swap over on Swap-bot, which some of you looking at this may be from as well 🙂

Here is a list of my 20 partners blogs! Go check them out! (some of these may be repeats from the last blog post, but I won’t know until I post)

Keeping Up with the Jonses – Family blog about daily life.

Pretty Little Paper Love – Crafty blog mostly revolving around paper, some really great stuff!

Art=Love – Artsy blog fully of creations!

The Digital Scrapbooker – Layouts and tips for digital layout to quench your scrapbooking thirst!

Careless in the Care of God – Life blog about April’s journey through life and her dealing with Cancer

Mad About Pink – “Inspired Ideas with Love” well I love the photos and am definitly inspired by them!

Homekeeping – Life Blog about homekeeping and other home things. Complete with some tips and recipes.

Loles Handmade – Blog about craft and handmade items, great stuff full of recommendations, but in Spanish may need translation.

ElizabethMD Jewelry Designs – Like a blog full of little treasuries!

Adventures with Mrs. W – Life Blog with a great layout, and greater posts!

I Could Make That – Crafty Blogd fully of lots of tutorials for varying fun craft projects!

Watercolors by Mimi Torchia Boothby – Wonderful watercolour paintings and stories.

Thrifty Crafting – Great blog full of awesome finds and crafty ideas!

1websurfer’s Weblog – Full of great links, videos, and more

Hanging Off the Wire – Coupons, giveaways, and more! Oh My!

Stamp N’ Hug – Crafty ideas mostly involving paper and cards.

Samantha’s Scrapping Sanctuary – Scrapbooking ideas and updates.

tidbits & scraps – Family and crafting (is there anything more to life than that 🙂

Riechanster – Having some trouble loading this one, but they have a great Photography Friday regular post.

Tanja’s Cupcakes – BEWARE! A baking blog with lots of tasty tasty photos!


4 Responses to "More Blogs to Watch"

Aww Shucks 🙂 Thank you xx

thanks for the list ^^ (now I can see if I’ve got everyone :D)
ow, I hope the troubles with loading my blog are gone now? Could you try again and let me know?
~Riechan from Swap-bot~

Thanks for including my blog on your site! 🙂

That list is great! I’ve been looking for new blogs to check out, and there seem to be a lot of good ones on there (in addition to yours!). Thanks for the new info.

-kkgalien from swap-bot

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