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New Pictures of Not so New Things

Posted on: September 8, 2010

As promised, I have taken some more pictures for more listing, and possibly more treasuries and sales!

There are lots of different things that still had not been properly photographed including teabowls, little plates, cups, bowls, and other sculptural things. I am thinking another giveaway may happen soon, possibly on this blog, or hosted by another again. Updates as it happens! I have also been neglecting the studio lately, with vacations, and actual work being on extended hours, and the classes starting in the studio I use. However, I think I got a schedule down now that should be good for getting in there weekly again which means more fun updates of works in progress.

Here is a sampling of photos as a preview for what will soon be listed on Etsy. I had some fun and added some candies to some shots, which I think will be good for listing closer to Halloween!


14 Responses to "New Pictures of Not so New Things"

These are some really awesome items! I especially liked the star.

You are amazing!!! I have never worked with clay, I must say I’m a bit scared of it. I think it’s the part when they go into the kiln and you dont know if it broke or not terrifies me the most.

Dont stop what you are doing!!

oh yeah, im in your comment on a blog swap also. yours was my first pick 🙂

I love the star!!!

Jorden aka Mrswhiffin on SB

Beautiful items! Especially the heart plate..uh I would love to have that on my table!

Have a great weekend!

Tanja aka tanchyka from swap-bot

Those are some way cool items! Love them all!

HayleyK from SwapBot

Beautiful items, and yes adding candy will help selling them. People always need to see for themselves where they can use it for!

aka Lageodesign on swap-bot

Nice post but I’m biased when it comes to stars.


Cool!!! I love all your stuff!!! That star is beautiful! I’m looking at your etsy store as well.
I’m solsuny from Swap-bot
You have a gret blog!!!

So neat! I love clay work! You have some really nice pieces!
This is homekeepingheather from Swap-bot.

those are really cute! Love the star and the cup in the first pic.
~Riechan from Swap-bot~

Love the deep blue of that bowl. Pretty pretty!

~TallysTreasury from swap-bot

What a beautiful collection of pottery! I have always wanted to learn this art better since I tried it when I was younger.
Now to go check your Etsy shop!

Hope your having a great day and keep up the amazing work.

P.S. Thank you for signing up for the Follow that Art Blog!

no problem. I really enjoy all the new traffic I have been getting from doing blog swaps. I’t good to hear all the encouraging and awesome comments.

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