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Studio Update: Making a Set

Posted on: August 6, 2010


With market dates driving me nuts I went probably a whole week without actually working in the studio! But that drought is now over and I have been in studio making some new things, mostly thrown things and testing out a new wheel! But let’s back track a bit here.

 A thing that has been coming up recently in my life is the discussion of grad school, specifically getting my masters in studio art. I pulled a double major in undergrad and did Entrepreneurship and Studio Art: Ceramics. A friend who is a great ink artist has also been discussing the prospects of grad school. It would probably be a year or more off since many do not start in spring only in fall, but we have both been thinking about ways to enhance our portfolios.  Something that kind of sets my ceramics apart from others is that, frankly, a lot of what I see out there coming from other students are the same little types of forms, and sets of things when thrown. Not that there is a problem with that but it just has never been my style. So something that maybe should be added just to show I can do it is a set into my portfolio. I am thinking a tea set or a sake set, but still using my style of messing things up or carving a pattern into the set, can’t make it too plain of course.

So that is where this studio update comes into play! In addition to throwing some other forms, with a high fire clay left in the studio that I was told I could use before it dried out I used some of my leftover low fire to throw three little cups. I could still use some practice getting them exact but they are pretty close for a first time. The second one is the one really out-of-place, it got a little fat there in the middle. Still need to make a flask/pitcher and some more cups to get it down. I think as long as they look like they belong together they do not need to be exact replicas, I mean this is my art we are talking about, nothing is ever truly replicated! Anyway I have included pictures of the cups and some other stuff that has found its way onto my shelf waiting for a fire.

Also while doing some research on sake sets I found this, which is amazing. Not just this set either, but all of the stuff is really great.


5 Responses to "Studio Update: Making a Set"

your enthusiasm for education is inspiring, as is your passion for art! glad to have found you. =)
Stacey @ Last Minute Bride
Swap-Bot Follower

Looks great ;)! I wish I could do it somehow as well.

This is BubbLeGumGirLie from swap-bot for the Blog Me, Baby swap. You really have a cool blog.

I’m Agnetha from swap-bot. I’m now following you in ‘Blog Me, Baby’.

super cool, i am terrible on the wheel… i’ll glaze them for ya though! 😀

minders from swapbot

I love your flower stakes, they’re so pretty! Your art is wonderful, thank you for creating and sharing. 🙂 Trina
aka cowinaroundagan from swapbot

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