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Off to the Market

Posted on: July 26, 2010

This week marked the beginning of my market career. I participated at a market in O’Fallon, MO at the Rascals stadium (small league baseball team). This farmers and artists market has been going on since April but I left some time for me to make more work and have dates set up later in the season. I participated this past Wednesday and Saturday. I plan to be there again on August 14th.

It was great to run through everything and get the tent and tables set up with all my work out to display. However, I did not do very well in terms of sales. It seems like as i was talking to some of the other artists there, that there sales vary week to week, and it took them a few times coming to break even and get a good amount of sales. So, participating in another one can’t hurt, just to see if anything changes.

The Wednesday market was smaller but a good time to practice again getting everything set up. It was pretty hot but also cloudy, about halfway through it started to sprinkle. We packed up a little, and my friend said we should just pack it all up. But then the rain stopped and optimistic me said why not wait it out and see. Then CRACK! BOOM! Thunder!! Lightening!! and it was raining cats and dogs! We proceeded to pack everything up and got super duper wet in the process.

On Saturday there was no threat of rain, but it was a hot on and super sunny. We sat between a flower stall and a barbeque tent so the smells were wonderful. There were also lots of dogs! Many of which I wanted to steal, one which I have pictures of looks like my own buddy bear! Here are some pictures from both times. Hopefully I can get pictures of all the new stuff and start listing new stuff on etsy.


11 Responses to "Off to the Market"

oh the martket looks like so much fun!

– memtree (swap-bot)

Hi!!! I´m your patner on “I´m a Blogger, folow me” on Swap Boot, I love your Etsy shop, it is very interesting participating on craft markets, here in Brazil we do ot have so much. I also place a link from your blog on mine blog. Hugs from Brazil, Andrea (acescorcio)

I’m glad your next market day had better weather! And lots of cute dogs to boot! Your work is so beautiful, I wish I could see it in person 🙂

Dani aka Doodlebabe (Swap-bot Blogger Swap)

I’d love to see some close-up photos of your work. From a distance it looks beautiful!

Kathy (karuma) swap-bot “Blog Me, Baby” swap

I love markets, started this year too. and I’m planning 3 more by the end of the year. Good luck for yours, let me know if you have good advices.
MAd About Pink from SB

I am so glad your market career has taken off. You create such beautiful ceramics with lots of wonderful textures and colours. Can’t wait to see more of your pieces. And I also featured you in my blog (:

mag @ swapbot
blog me, baby

Very cool, the market looks like a lot of fun! Love shopping for interesting and unique things at crafts fairs and farmers markets. I haven’t done any craft shows yet as a seller (I also have an etsy shop) but am starting to think about it. ~chocololic from swap-bot

Wish I could be there.

A Market Career? Sounds swell! Hehe, I love going to the market. I do I do! So much to look at.

Your ceramics look awesome!

[Roosterruler via Blog Me, Baby on SwapBot]

I love your style. I’ve started doing markets too this year and it’s so much fun! but a lot of preparation.
good luck with yours, you have talents so I’m sure it won’t be hard!
madaboutpink from sb

ohh I love going to market. I wish we had a big open o9utdoors market here :s

ElizabethMD from swapbot

It sounds like Markets are similar the world over. I find repeat performances are a must to build up a clientele aka following. Good luck on all your business ventures.

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