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Succesful Glaze Firing!

Posted on: July 9, 2010

Ran a small glaze firing on my own and it was quite successful. Everything came out really vibrant and nice. A lot of it was future magnets which worked out really well as texture and glaze tests. I will definitely keep making magnets for that and for free gifts or samples and such. The only possible problem with the firing was some crazing on a couple of tea bowls. I had some high fire tea bowls and put the low fire glaze on them and fired them at the low temperature. I had done some research on this and knew that crazing was a more than likely outcome, but that they may have also come out just fine. Well I was hearing plenty of tings and pings coming from those 2 bowls. I left them in the studio instead of bringing them home with everything else, maybe they ahve calmed down by now. There are a few cracks and pinholes on them too. But it was a test and that is what tests are for!

On the music front, I still do not have a functioning player, and haven’t been lugging my computer. But my phone has 2 gigs on it which has been keeping the studio loud, but is quite repetitive. I may just start bringing a boombox or something in there, but all the studio radios in the past have gone to hell in a matter of weeks!

Here are some photos of the stuff that came out of the firing, including the CRAZED tea bowls!!


3 Responses to "Succesful Glaze Firing!"

definitely looks like a great success! the hearts are cute!

I love the market 😀 Following you from the Blog Me Baby swap on Swap-Bot! ~Liz (lizzibeth226)

I love the hearts too. {billiemonster from swap-bot ‘blog me baby’ swap}

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