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Holy Crap I Drowned All my Electronics!

Posted on: June 5, 2010

So somehow in the minute it took to walk from my car into my place of work in the lounge to set down my purse, my water bottle nearly depleted itself into said purse. It is a metal bottle from the place I work at and the cap was screwed on tightly, but the little flip top wasn’t snapped shut all the way apparently. The bottom of my tote purse was absolutely soaked, which is unfortunate since that is where my ipod and camera like to lurk in the abyss. 😦 Needless to say my ipod is not working, so I will have to start taking my computer to studio again if I want to listen to music, or just keep my phone charged (but it only holds like 2 gigs). Also my camera is working, but has a blur, which has gotten better slowly over the day. But good news is I won a camera as a door prize for a lecture a while back, and gave it to my mom, who never uses it and said I could have it back 🙂 And luckily I took the pictures I will sharing shortly a few days ago!

So besides being a serial murderer of all things electronic (this is not the first drowning that has occured), I have still been working in studio pretty regularly. I have been making some smaller things again so I have plenty of them for the art market (which btw my first date will me July 21st!). These have included some more flowers, and a new type of said flowers, many many more magnets, and I have been throwing here and there, including another off the hump venture. I am getting a little better at the off the hump thing, and salvaged many more bowls this time, only broke 2 during the trimming process! (I don’t have pics of them trimmed, only recently thrown). Also I have finished some of the earlier flowers complete with stakes and leaves that I need to take pictures of soon!

Here are the pictures, also seen in them is the Blue thrown piece from the previous post with a design in process carved into it, which has since been finished.


8 Responses to "Holy Crap I Drowned All my Electronics!"

Great name…b/c this is an Amazing blog.
I don’t know how to follow on WP or I would.
Your art is great! You are very talented.

I bet other swap-botters LOVE you.
Keep up the blogging.


like your blog and art work. keep up the good work and happy swap-blotting.

Terrible luck! Since I’m always carrying around my daughter’s sippy cup in my bag I’ve had a few close calls but nothing so bad as this.
Also, you’re work makes me want to try my hand at pottery!


Haha I am glad I am not the only murderer of electronics! My husband doesn’t understand how I do it, and I have started to consider it a talent since I am so amazingly good at it!

I am in love with that carved piece! I am off to check out your shop right after this!

oh no, poor ipod 😦

I took ceramics for a semester a year or two ago and just couldnt get the hang of things without getting frustrated. You are definitely very talented!

-jojoanna from swapbot
“Im a blogger, follow me”

Also, I am not sure how to follow your blog so I just signed up for the email subscription. hope thats okay!

You’re not the only electronic serial killer! I’ve had three water bottles explode in my bag before. I haven’t ruined my electronics as much as I have my wallet though…sigh. I could’ve done without having to order a new bank card.

Dani aka Doodlebabe (swap-bot blogger swap)

I love your work. I took pottery in HS for two semesters and LOVED it but could never “throw” anything on the wheel. You have some beautiful pieces!

Angela H from Swap-bot!

I saw this on a vlog! Take apart your electronics that get wet and soak them in rice for a couple of hours! The rice absorbs the liquid. 🙂 Also, awesome playlist!! I love the YYYS, Starting Line, Bowling, and MCS so so much! I am going to go listen to Drunk Enough to Dance now! X3


PS: My blog is linked, but in case you can’t get there:

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