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Posted on: May 17, 2010

The tea bowls from the previous post have been high glaze fired. Only five of the bowls survived the trimming process. A couple more may have made it but I bummped them a couple times and they got kind of wonky. I made some of them with long stable trimmed bases so I could get some room for glaze to crawl and drip around. All of them came out great as far as glaze coverage goes. They amy have been able to get some more trimming done to them but they are soooo small it made that process difficult. If I want to make more I am definitly going to need to practice trimming small things and getting things safely off the hump. Here are some photos of how the glazes turned out. One is a black with a white on the rim (that took a brown turn, like a burnt marshmallow), one is just a voulkos black (which is more brown), two of them have a voulkos brown under coat one with a burnt orange over coat one with a frankenstien purple over (good luck telling which is which, the purple one has a slight showing of purple on the very bottom), and one is a blue with the purple over top. I love them all!


4 Responses to "T-Bowls!"

I love these bowls. I’m glad for the swap-bot e-swap that lead me here. I’ll check back.

I love the tea bowls. Great job!

Hi! This is “HisTechnoAngel” from the Swap-Bot Blogger swap. Those bowls are really beautiful! I love pottery and all that stuff. I wish I had the space and money to do that!

Ooh! I think these are lovely. I love pottery. I’m going to have to skip on over to your etsy store to see what you have.

–BrandiAM (swapbot: I’m a Blogger, Follow Me swap)

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